Argentine Badminton Prepares for Paris 2024 and Aims for Olympic Debut in Los Angeles 2028

Argentine Badminton Prepares for Paris 2024 and Aims for Olympic Debut in Los Angeles 2028

On the eve of the Paris 2024 Games, Argentine badminton faces a great challenge, right on the threshold of a new Olympic cycle: “We all dream of having our first Olympic representation in Los Angeles 2028. There are young players with a high level, such as Santiago Otero (23), Nicolás Oliva (22), Ailén Oliva (19) or Iona Gualdi (19); The bet is on the future and this campus led by the outstanding player and brand new Mexican coach Job Castillo gives us a leap in quality for the entire region,” commented National Technical Director Martín Trejo.

The meeting at CeNARD calls for 28 participants from six countries. In addition to the 18 Argentines, there are Brazilians, Chileans, Paraguayans, Bolivians and Venezuelans. After three days of training camp, the international tournament started and Trejo did not hesitate to affirm: “This is the way to enhance these youth players who have projection. Our work aims to place ourselves among the best, at the Pan-American level the Brazilians, Canadians and Americans lead; and this type of training and competitions will continue to bring us closer to our goal. The experience that Job (Castillo) transmitted to us these days helps us a lot.”

To which Castillo, multiple medalist in different Pan American Games – champion in 2022 – and other international tournaments, pointed out: “There are several Argentines who can be world elite in a short time. I am really enjoying the experience in this transition to being a coach. Transmitting knowledge to new generations is something that motivates me and I feel that this Campus had a lot of quality.”

And he concluded: “Mexico is growing in this discipline and seeks to get closer to the great powers. In Paris we will be represented by Ramón Garrido, who will make his debut in the Games. Without a doubt, the best in the world are the Asians, but as Trejo says, this is the path that will project us as a region. “I feel great pride in visiting Argentina and participating in this meeting in a place like CeNARD, an emblem of sport in South America.”

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