Antoine Griezmann crashes into advertising board – bleeding wound on the head

Antoine Griezmann crashes into advertising board – bleeding wound on the head

Match against Austria Bleeding wound on the head: France’s Griezmann crashes into advertising board

France’s Antoine Griezmann had blood running down his forehead after colliding with an advertising hoarding

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He hit the advertising board with his head and full force. France’s Antoine Griezmann paid for it with a bleeding wound. The injury, however, looked worse than it actually was.

A moment of shock for France in the European Championship group match against Austria. Attacker Antoine Griezmann had to leave the field shortly after the restart of the second half with a bleeding wound on his head. He fell after a duel on the sideline with Austria’s Max Wöber and hit an advertising board with his head at full speed. His opponent was not at fault, the action and its consequences were evidently unintentional.

Antoine Griezmann had to receive medical attention

The 2018 World Cup winner remained on the ground after the collision and was seen shortly afterwards with a bleeding forehead. Griezmann had to leave the field for medical treatment and was fitted with a turban bandage by the French medical staff before being allowed back onto the field by the Spanish referee Jesús Manzano.

Curiously, Griezmann lost his bandage again after just a few seconds, but the bleeding, which initially seemed dangerous, had obviously already stopped by then. The 33-year-old Atlético Madrid professional was therefore allowed to continue playing.

France and Austria will conclude the first matchday in Group D of the European Football Championship in Düsseldorf this Monday evening. The Équipe Tricolore took a 1-0 lead thanks to an own goal by Austrian Wöber in the 38th minute. On Sunday, the Netherlands beat Poland 2-1 in Hamburg (you can see all the goals and highlights of the match in the video here).

On Monday, Romania had defeated Ukraine 3-0 in Group E (video here) and Slovakia had caused the first sensation of the tournament with a 1-0 win against Belgium (video here).

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