Anthony Rizzo for Pete Alonso: Would the Yankees and Mets make this trade?

Anthony Rizzo for Pete Alonso: Would the Yankees and Mets make this trade?

It’s not difficult for analysts to posit a scenario in which the two New York City teams consider a trade for their first basemen. The question is whether managers would actually consider this move.

During the last two weeks and until July 30, rumors of all kinds will not stop ringing about the changes that will be seen (or expected to be seen) in the Major Leagues.

In all the specialized MLB portals, possible negotiation scenarios are proposed for each team and many times the names of big stars are involved.

For example, renowned journalist Jim Bowden wrote for The Athletic that Pete Alonso is a target for the New York Yankees and it certainly makes sense, but it would involve other decisions. For example, what to do with Anthony Rizzo.

The Mets are in a very compromised situation this season and Alonso will be a free agent at the end of the season. He did not receive a contract extension offer and, although it is believed that they will try to sign him in the winter, they may as well try to get something in return for the slugger before risking losing him for nothing.

And for its neighbors in the Bronx it would certainly be a great acquisition. We are talking about a player who averages 45 home runs and 115 RBIs per season and who this year already has 14 home runs and 32 RBIs. That would be a significant improvement compared to Rizzo, who continues to work to regain his rhythm with the wood and who has four games without hitting hits.

The 34-year-old veteran is playing his last guaranteed season in the pact he signed in 2023 and with his offensive problems it is said that the Yankees will not exercise their $17 million option for 2025 and will look for a replacement for him. They will even offer it on the exchange market.

That is why the question floats in the air: is the possibility of Rizzo and Alonso exchanging uniforms and crossing the Big Apple on the table?

For the Yankees it would be an ideal agreement, since it would solve their problem with Rizzo and they would also add a power hitter to their already fearsome lineup. But the Mets would gain nothing from the deal, beyond a top defensive first baseman to finish the season. Unless, of course, they consider exercising the option in case they are unable to sign Alonso in free agency.

If the Bronx team included prospects in the trade package, the conversation would make more sense for the Mets. But Brian Cashman will not sacrifice top-level promises for a player who can lose after a couple of months. It will be difficult to reach a point of agreement and the solution could be for each team to provide mid-level prospects to accompany the stars.

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2024-06-12 19:32:59
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