Analysis of Monaco’s dominant victory in Betclic Elite finals match 3 against Paris Basketball: Who shone, who failed?

Analysis of Monaco’s dominant victory in Betclic Elite finals match 3 against Paris Basketball: Who shone, who failed?

DECRYPTION – Who shone, who failed? The tops and flops after Monaco’s defeat in Paris on Sunday (59-88), at the Adidas Arena, during match 3 of the Betclic Elite finals.


Okobo did (very) badly

Recital from the French international fullback, who put his team on the right track at the start of the match, with his 7 points in the first quarter, and never let up thereafter. His three points from the logo, at the third quarter buzzer and after TJ Shorts’ first basket, already served as the nail in the coffin. 20 points in total for Okobo, top scorer of the match and man of the match. Complete performance from the former Suns player, with 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 interceptions. “I arrived aggressive, with the idea of ​​putting pressure on their defense and making defensive efforts, grabbing rebounds”, commented the person concerned after the demonstration of his team on the Parisian boards (59-88), in this match 3 of the Betclic Elite finals. Match 4 Wednesday, still in Paris.

James as boss

14 points on 4/11 shots and 3 assists, as many rebounds, we have already seen Mike James more brilliant in terms of statistics. The US leader, however, had a major impact on the match, playing despite two quick errors and proving himself valuable in leadership, in defense, everywhere. In fact, it was all the Monegasque backs who did well, not just Okobo and James, but also Jordan Loyd (12 pts), finally skillful, and Matthew Strazel (11), who produced a complete match which was without doubt has not escaped the staff of the Blues. And what about the dog work done by Yakuba Ouattara in defense, especially on Shorts. Too strong for Paris Basketball.

The energy of Jaiteh

Sasa Obradovic had bet on Mam Jaiteh in his team’s major five. Well seen. The former Nanterre 92 brought all his energy, notably with 6 rebounds, 2 blocks and 8 caused fouls. It would have been even better with a few baskets, he who only scored on a free throw (6 pts). Nonetheless, Jaiteh did his team a lot of good in the racket battle. He lit the first fuse and Donta Hall (6 pts, 8 rbs) did the rest. We haven’t even talked about the XXL contribution of Alpha Diallo (12 pts) at Porte de la Chapelle yet. Monaco a cut above, quite simply.


Shorts missing

The regular season MVP had a non-game Sunday night at Adidas Arena. As simple as that. Sasa Obradovic probably only moderately appreciated his high-level performance during match 2. He found the solution by making Ouattara start on his back. Good pick. The American leader only scored his first basket in the game in the last minute of the third quarter! He finished with 9 points at 2/10 without ever really making an impact, even if he caused 9 fouls in this game. If the Parisians want to have a chance, it’s with a great TJ Shorts.

Hifi did not exist

You can’t blame him for not trying. The French international simply came across someone stronger than him in this meeting, he who was never really able to find his rhythm. He finished with 15 points on 5/14 shots, with as many assists as lost balls (4). “We missed a lot of things,” he cursed at the end of the meeting in front of the broadcaster’s cameras. The rebound for example. We let them express themselves… They have a lot of talent. We weren’t good tonight.”he summarizes again, promising that his team “will bounce back on Wednesday”as she has “already done it before. We weren’t tired, but that’s all, it wasn’t our day, we missed some easy things, things we usually do, it’s part of the game, they were better than us and deserved their victory, well done to them. What should be done better? Dominate in rebounds, even if it’s difficult against a Top 3 Euroleague team. We’re going to go back to work and we have no choice but to win. We will come back with more hunger and we will be ready.” An appointment has been made. The audience at the Adidas Arena, boiling on Sunday, is just waiting for that.

Paris in distress

Paris Basketball is about a lot of intensity, a lot of speed and the talent of its back line. As we have said, Shorts and Hifi have been put under cover. But overall the entire Parisian system was shattered in the face of the brilliant Monegasque machine. The Roca Team played at its level, despite the absentees, and it was too much. No chance for Tuomas Iisalo’s team, which was devoured inside and struggled to shoot three points (6/31, or 19.4%). Nothing worked. We will see on Wednesday evening, during match 4, if it was a day without for Paris or if it was the real gap between the clubs.

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