“An extraordinary moment for France,” marvels Alexandre Sarr

“An extraordinary moment for France,” marvels Alexandre Sarr

Selected for the Draft which will take place this Thursday, the French player is living a waking dream.

Seeing two French players selected in the first places in the NBA draft would be “an extraordinary moment for France”estimated Tuesday Alexandre Sarr, expected with Zaccharie Risacher to form this historic duo, Wednesday.

“It would mean a lot to me”explained the 2.13m interior, who played in Australia for the Perth Wildcats last season.

“I played with Zaccharie three years in a row”in the French youth team, with two world medals up for grabs, recalled Alexandre Sarr (19 years old) during the press conference prior to the draft.

“We grew up together”declared Zaccharie Risacher (also 19), expected in first position Thursday evening, ahead of his compatriot, after a brilliant season with Bourg-en-Bresse. “Today, we are in New York and we are going to make our dream come true. It’s big.”

If the scenario, put forward by almost all specialists, came to fruition, France would become the third country, after the United States and Canada, to place a player at the top of the draft two years in a row.

“If someone had told us that last summer, that we would be in this situation, we probably wouldn’t have believed it”conceded Alexandre Sarr.

In 2023, Victor Wembanyama was selected first, by the San Antonio Spurs. This year, Atlanta will be the first franchise to choose, followed by Washington.

“It’s amazing to see how this nation is growing” in the world of basketball, marveled Zaccharie Risacher. “I can’t wait to see other (French) players arrive at the draft.”

No less than four French nationals are announced in the first round, according to predictions.

“It must inspire the French people, even the world”outbid Tidjane Salaün, the Cholet winger also expected to be in the top 10, Thursday. “Having several people from the same nation means that nothing is impossible. It’s not just the United States.”


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