Aloïs Gauthey: A Talented Young Judoka and Musician

Aloïs Gauthey: A Talented Young Judoka and Musician

A discreet young man who feels good in his sneakers, Aloïs GAUTHEY enjoys different hobbies and in the field of sport, he greatly appreciates Judo.

He started this discipline at a very young age in the Givry section under the leadership of Laurent RELTIEN, before entering the doors of the Dojo on Rue de la Paix in Chalon.

Aloïs took his time to obtain the different UVs to achieve his grade, because this time he also shares with another passion, that of music. Indeed, he likes to indulge in the joys of bass and saxophone with a group of friends from the Pontus de Thiard high school in Chalon.

This year also being the year of the Bac (general with music and Math as specialties), he will be able to be proud, if he obtains it, of having passed all his exams.

It was surrounded by his family and training comrades that Yann DU CLOSEL, his current club trainer, proudly tied his new rank around his waist before Aloïs entered the circle of black belts of the JCC through the traditional “falls ball”

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