Allez, citizen Mbappé, allez! – The penultimate living raulista

Allez, citizen Mbappé, allez!  – The penultimate living raulista

I confess that I am not as invested in French politics as Kylian Mbappé may be, who yesterday voted for his friend Macron taking advantage of the press conference he offered as captain of France, but there is a percentage of compatriots of both, and I am referring to Macron and Mbappé , who do not seem to be too happy with the performance of the 25th president of the Republic of France since 2017. On April 15, the French Institute of Public Opinion revealed that 74 percent of French people disapproved of Macron’s performance. 43% of those surveyed declared themselves “very dissatisfied” with the president’s work, while 31% said they were “quite dissatisfied.” The level of disapproval was much higher two months ago than other moments chosen by the same survey: 58% in April 2018, 65% in October 2019, 63% in April 2021… And it is not that Mbappé’s friend is exactly wearing He hasn’t been in the Elysée for a short time, no, what’s the matter, he’s been there for seven years now, four less than Al Khelaifi at Paris Saint Germain and with the same Champions League, one after the other, that is to say none.

As I said, I am not as aware of French reality as Mbappé, but to get up to date on anything there is nothing better than reading. For example, read the journalist Philippe Martière, who, in March of last year, that is, a year and three months ago, published an article titled “The France that rebels against Macron” in which he criticized the President of the Republic for the substance and by the form of a pension reform that, in substance, fundamentally harmed women, precarious workers and workers with medium and low incomes, and that, in form, attacked the central principle of sovereignty popular. In other words, Macron was criticized fundamentally for two things, for harming the most disadvantaged social classes and for doing so in an authoritarian way and without taking into account the opposition parties. In Cinco Días, Luis Alberto Peralta criticized Macron for having France, and I read verbatim, “on fire due to fierce inequality and its lack of reforms.”

To know that France is not a safe country, you don’t have to read anyone but turn on any television channel at any time of the day. Or watch the 2022 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool repeated. I remember that the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, insisted on not taking the party to Saint-Denis because she could not be held responsible for what happened there, but Ceferin and Al-Khelaifi himself turned a deaf ear and took it… with dire consequences. that we all remember: tension, fear, violence, police charges, wave of robberies, pepper spray, blocked turnstiles, individuals jumping the fences to access the field, overwhelmed medical services, women fleeing harassers, the game starting half an hour later… Gemma Meca, a journalist from OK Diario, published last February a guide to the areas that should be avoided if traveling to Paris: around the Gare du Nord station, areas of the 18th arrondissement, 19th arrondissement, 20th arrondissement, Saint Ouen, of course Saint Denis, Aubervilliers… That is to say: Gemma would have finished earlier by saying which neighborhoods in Paris were safe and could be visited without being terribly afraid.

So, above all, these are some of the reasons that, after another setback in the European elections a few days ago, have led Macron to bring forward the elections. I have been asked many times since yesterday what I think about what Mbappé said and to that question I can only say that I think it is phenomenal that a social leader, and a footballer like him, gives his opinion as a citizen beyond what is strictly sports. Although I believe that he has said what he was expected to say, that is, what is politically correct. Even so, I wish more Spanish professional footballers could participate in the Spanish national political debate. For example, I would have really liked to hear an international criticizing the King’s whistles or the national anthem. Mbappé has addressed a very localized sector of French citizens, which are basically those citizens of France who, like him, are lucky enough to live well. Those who live worse and do so insecure and afraid to go out on the street apparently want a change. But, I insist, I am delighted with Mbappé, who is going to give us moments of glory. For example when, in his first press conference as a new Real Madrid footballer, he criticized the Spanish Government for including among its partners communists and heirs of a criminal gang that caused the death of nearly a thousand innocent people in Spain. Unless, of course, Kylian Mbappé does not consider an ideology that has caused more than one hundred million deaths around the world to be extremist. So, allez, citizen Mbappé, allez!

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