All Italian fans stopped in Dortmund are free

All Italian fans stopped in Dortmund are free

All 67 Italian fans stopped yesterday in Dortmund before the match between the Azzurri and Albania have been freed. The same people, according to what was reported by the German authorities and media (and therefore, in cascade, by the Italian newspapers), were preparing an ambush on the Balkan supporters with the use of numerous objects designed to offend. On the profile of the lawyer Giovanni Adami we read: “No evidence, no clues, but above all no clashes, no carrying of objects capable of offending, no ambushes, therefore no fines, no arrests, no reports on the loose, there will be no process. Nothing at all. Only 9 hours inside and “disturbing” information spread by the media”. The help of the German lawyer Sonka Mehner was fundamental.

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2024-06-16 07:56:21
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