Alexander Zverev and Sophia Thomalla: A Tennis Star’s Love for Fashion

Alexander Zverev is mostly known in tennis clothes – but he also likes to dress up with his Sophia.

In four days it will be time: Wimbledon begins. Alexander Zverev (27) is not using his free time like most people to switch off or travel for a few days, but is donating it to his heart’s project: At the charity event “WorldChanger x Alexander Zverev Foundation” in the Stanglwirt Hotel at the Wilder Kaiser, he gives his all on the tennis court, smiles at the cameras, gives interviews and visibly enjoys the time with his friends and celebrities such as Mark Keller (59), Boris Becker (56) and his girlfriend Sophia Thomalla (34).

In the evening, he walks arm in arm with her across the carpet – his tennis clothes have been swapped for a suit, casually combined with a T-shirt. “I also like to make myself pretty with Sophia,” he admits to

In the video above you can see the dream couple’s glamorous appearance!

She rarely appears like this: Sophia Thomalla enchants in a long robe

Sophia is wearing a long robe that evening, which is unusual – she normally likes to show more skin, especially her legs. This was also the case on the morning of the event, where she strutted around the seats in a gold mini dress and over-the-top high heels. The reason: “So that no one gets the idea that I could be playing,” she explains to Of course, the pretty presenter draws everyone’s attention with her look. asks whether Alex ever gets jealous: “No,” he clarifies. Trust and love can be so beautiful.

And the two are in love – as you can clearly see in the video below

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