Albés plans without the obligation to address transfers at Sporting and arrives this Monday in Asturias

Albés plans without the obligation to address transfers at Sporting and arrives this Monday in Asturias

Rubén Albés is expected in Gijón this Monday. If no unforeseen events arise, the forecast is that the new Sporting coach will arrive at 2:00 p.m. at the Asturias Airport and will be presented tomorrow, Tuesday, at El Molinón. The man from Vigo will thus begin to make more direct contact with the red and white project after signing his contract for one season after a summit held in Washington with Alejandro Irarragorri, president of Sporting, and David Guerra, executive president. Squad planning is underway with a shared certainty in the red-and-white entity: neither the “Pedro case” nor continuity in the Second Division force a transfer to be addressed this summer. Another thing will be the situations that the summer brings.

Much to decide and a team to assemble. With 19 players on the roster, Rubén Albés’ Sporting faces the end of June with several fronts ahead. The presentation of the coach, who will experience the debut as the new red-and-white coach at El Molinón, will be followed by a host of meetings to continue shaping the team that will once again fight for promotion to First Division. That is the purpose with which the club and Albés have joined forces. The idea is to consolidate the team in the fight to make the jump in category after the promotion play-off dispute experienced in Orlegi’s second campaign at the head of the Gijón team, without going beyond the short term. That is, the same message maintained with Miguel Ángel Ramírez. Also the same horizon.

While in previous seasons the club had an important economic injection to balance the accounts in the transfers of Manu García, José Gragera and Pedro Díaz, this summer it is assured that it is planned without taking into account the variable of a transfer as a source to strengthen financially to the team. The club, condemned by LaLiga to pay Espanyol 2 million euros for the “Pedro case”, as LA NUEVA ESPAÑA reported, will exhaust all avenues to try to defend its interests and prevent it from affecting the present and future years. Nor is it guaranteed that sales will not occur due to the volatility of a market in which there are several footballers with appeal for different clubs. These are the cases of Gaspar, Diego Sánchez or Varane, who have been followed for a long time by different teams. In the case of the French midfielder, rumors are already circulating again that link him with a landing in the English Second Division. Sporting, for the moment, has not received any proposal.

Rubén Albés will also have to decide on the future of several players for whom the club could study an exit for different reasons. Djuka has a proposal from Orlegi to play for Atlas, something that the red and white forward does not see clearly, especially in his family circle. The new coach’s plans regarding the Balkan striker could be decisive. In a similar case there are footballers like Fran Villalba, with interest in the foreign market, including open conversations with David Gallego’s Apoel Nicosia. Christian Rivera, with an exit clause, is another of the open cases. There is the return of Roque Mesa to whom, despite ending his contract, the club has already conveyed the idea of ​​renewing him for one more year. As for those who make the jump from the reserve team, there is special attention in the case of Álex Lozano. He has two proposals for transfers from Second Division teams, and offers from several First Federation teams.

In terms of additions, Sporting is working on signing wingers, forwards, a right back and at least two central defenders. Otero, as LA NEW SPAIN advanced, is one of the priorities. Regarding defense, there is interest in the situation of Sergio Barcia, from Mirandés, and Pelayo Fernández, from Barcelona B, among others. The club is watching how the market evolves and the situation of some free players. At Sporting they are working with the idea of ​​starting the preseason between July 10 and 14. The final date will come from the first meetings in Mareo, which will start today with some open fronts such as completing the coaching staff.

Arabia fishes in Mareo’s organization chart

Among the changes that Sporting is preparing regarding the organization chart of the base, the club will have to renew one of the new positions last summer. Rodrigo del Campo, director of training and talent development for the red and white team’s youth teams, will not continue next season. An offer from Arabia has led him to pack his bags and embark on a new stage outside of Spain. He had arrived last August and had joined the red and white discipline to strengthen the structure led by Óscar Garro, director of the youth categories. The director of training and talent development was a new figure to be added to Sporting’s basic organizational chart since the beginning of last year. Sporting is now studying replacing these functions with a professional that allows continuity to the “Mareo DNA” that Garro recently shared during the meeting of the quarries of the First and Second Division clubs in El Molinón. Another of the forced changes directly affects the first team. Silvia Fernández Lorenzo, nutritionist for the red and white team, communicated in recent days her intention to embark on a new professional stage. Odín Vite, head of the Applied Sports Sciences area, will be the one who proposes the successor.

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