Albania’s European Campaign Ends with Loss to Spain in Group Stage

Albania’s European Campaign Ends with Loss to Spain in Group Stage

Albania Spain

  • 13′ – Goal – Ferran Torres (0 – 1)
  • 59′ – Verv. Rey Manaj door Armando Broja
  • 62′ – Verv. Mikel Oyarzabal door Fermín López
  • 67′ – Geel – Nedim Bajrami
  • 70′ – Verv. Qazim Laçi door Medon Berisha
  • 70′ – Verv. Nedim Bajrami by Arbër Hoxha
  • 72′ – Verv. Ferran Torres door Lamine Yamal
  • 72′ – Verv. Joselu door Álvaro Morata
  • 82′ – Verv. Jasir Asani by Ernest Muçi
  • 84′ – Verv. Dani Olmo door Alex Baena
  • 89′ – Geel – Medon Berisha
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    Ferran Torres

    0 – 1

    Ferran Torres


    Spain ended the group stage of the European Championship with a perfect report. La Roja was already certain of group victory and started with a B team against Albania. An early opening goal from Ferran Torres gave Spain an early lead, after which a series of opportunities were again missed. Albania could never make a fist and finished last in group B.

    Highlights Albania – Spain

    Albania – Spain in a nutshell

  • Man of the match

    Dani Olmo received the keys to La Roja from selector de la Fuente and leaves the house better than he found it. Always playable, ubiquitous and good for an assist. It is only thanks to Pedri’s exceptional talent that Olmo is included in the Spanish B team.

  • Key moment

    After about fifteen minutes, Spain cuts through the Albanian defense undisturbed. Olmo’s pass is tailor-made for Ferran Torres, who already recorded the final score via the post.

  • Remarkable

    Luis de la Fuente brought out his B team, as there was nothing left to win or lose. B team is disrespectful, as many national coaches would kill for an A team with these guys.

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    They have certainly made themselves sympathetic, the Albanians. On the field they were intense and enthusiastic, in the streets and stands they were colorful and cheerful. Not counting the slogans about other countries, of course.

    In this kind of group, as a smaller country you are there for the fun and the opportunity to give a big country a nosebleed. The Albanians got that chance against Croatia, but because of their draw, the survival of Modric and his followers is not assured.

    Against Spain, it was about Albania’s own chances of survival, because they were still there. Trying to get the three points was the only option.

    With six points and no one left to threaten them, Spain took up the challenge with a full-fledged B team. Only Laporte, who did not play the first match due to injury, remained as a starter.

    Adios tiki taka

    The calm Spaniards kept the structure, where Albania thrives on chaos, calm versus tension. Although we may also say: the eternally ticking Spain is a thing of the past.

    For the 1-0, de la Fuente’s men even crossed the field in two almost vertical steps. From Laporte it went unparalleled to middleman Olmo, who sent Ferran Torres straight into the box. The Barca man was ice cold, he put the ball past Strakosha via the post.

    The Spaniards, although all substituted, remained ill in the same bed as against Italy. Chance after chance, but too few shots on target. Joselu tried just after halftime with a trick, but saw his beautiful shot just miss the post. Substitute Yamal forgot to kick.

    Despite the opportunities, Raya was still needed after a smart, quickly taken free kick from the Albanians. Face to face with Broja he kept his nets clean, twice.

    A particularly strong Spain, even with the B team between the lines, thunders out of the group and into the rest of the tournament. Somewhere a best third from A, D, E or F is already shaking.

    Torres: “We are a great team”

    Central defender Berat Djimsiti (Albania) showed pride, despite the loss and elimination: I don’t know where to start. First of all, I am grateful for the entire team and staff. We showed great performances, and we deserved even more, especially against the Croats. The fans have also been very supportive, both in the stadium and outside. This was such a difficult group. We made mistakes, but you learn from them. The youth are coming, this European Championship will teach them a lot.”

    Goalscorer Ferran Torres (Spain): “I am always proud to represent my country. The most important thing is to add to the team and help with the nine on nine. Before the match I had already talked to Dani Olmo that I have the balls in my running I never had any doubts after his pass. We are a great team, we work well together and that is the most important thing in football.”


    Phase by phase


    Glenn Nyberg thinks it’s enough. Spain does it again with many chances and only one goal. Albania is sent home by much stronger Spaniards, who easily controlled the opposition even with their B team.

    Too quiet, almost. Ramadani steals the ball from Baena and wants glory with a long kick. Not so good, the ball slides past.

    Now it’s pumping Albanian style. Throwing everything forward, the Spaniards remain calm all in all.

    Bijna Broja!

    The cross ends up in the tackle and Broja has the equalizer at his feet. The shot is not hard enough, and Raya nicely floats the ball out of his goal.

    Another chance for Albania in the end, but the Spanish goalkeeper clips well

    An extra 4 minutes will be added.

    Albania thinks it deserves a penalty, but Berisha herself gets a yellow card. It was tough defending, but a little further on the Albanians get a free kick.

    The Albanians are simply not capable of more. The men of the Two-headed Eagle finish in fourth place, which is the level of the teams in group B.

    Great control from Yamal!

    Yamal doesn’t kick!

    He doesn’t want that record. Great control from Lamine Yamal, but when he has space to kick, he still gives the pass to Morata. There Ajeti stands in the way, and he is not a fellow countryman.

    They are spoiling the chances a bit with Spain. First there is Olmo’s shot, which flies into a corner via an Albanian leg. Morata is able to head on the cross that follows, but repeats it.

    Heading chance for Morata

    Asllani next

    We’ll grant Albania a little bit of it now. There is now some space in the Spanish lines, which Asllani can use. The shot that follows is hard, but also goes wide.

    Morata tries to be a goal stealer on Fermin Lopez’s shot, but was offside. Well nipped in the bud by Strakosha.

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