Ahn Se-young: The World No. 1 Badminton Player’s Quest for Olympic Gold and Romance in Paris

Ahn Se-young: The World No. 1 Badminton Player’s Quest for Olympic Gold and Romance in Paris


Ahn Se-young, the world’s No. 1 badminton player and aiming for a gold medal at the Paris Olympics, expressed her unique ambition to ‘end the event on a romantic note.’

Although the injury, which has not recovered 100%, is an obstacle, he expressed strong confidence, saying that he has always prepared for the worst.

This is reporter Lee Dae-geon reporting.


‘Paris 2024!’

The badminton stadium in the 18th district of Paris was recreated at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, about 9,000 kilometers away.

The women’s singles match between world No. 1 Ahn Se-young and 13th-ranked Kim Ga-eun took place here.

Ahn Se-young’s powerful smashing is still alive,

The defense is also stable.

In a special match that was played like a real match, Ahn Se-young lost the first set, but eventually won 2-1.

[안세영 / 배드민턴 여자 대표팀·세계 랭킹 1위 : 이렇게 올림픽 준비하는 게 처음인데 이렇게 만들어주셔서 실전 감각을 익힐 수 있어서 너무 좋은 기회인가 싶어서….]

Ahn Se-young expressed her passion for winning the gold medal at the Paris Olympics with the keyword ‘romance.’

[안세영 / 배드민턴 여자 국가대표 ·세계 랭킹 1위 : 낭만이란 말은 스포츠에선 잘 사용하지 않는 말 같은데요. 낭만 있게 끝낸다면 제 스스로 올 한해가 좀 잘 살았다고 말할 수 있을 것 같아서….]

The final piece of the puzzle toward your goal is ultimately your injury recovery.

When she defeated China’s Chen Yufei in the final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, she already suffered a knee injury in the first set.

The level of recovery to date, according to the person himself, is 80%.

The ultimate goal is to complete the remaining 20% ​​within one month.

[김학균 / 배드민턴 국가대표팀 감독 : 저는 안세영 선수 믿고 있고요. 준비하는 과정이 잘되고 있으니 파리 올림픽에서도 충분히 자기 역할을 할 거라 생각합니다.]

Se-young Ahn became the first Korean player in 27 years to win the trophy at last year’s All England Open and rose to No. 1 in the world rankings.

Since her injury, she has made a remarkable comeback, winning the Singapore Open and finishing runner-up at the Indonesia Open.

In this year’s Paris Olympics, China’s ‘old enemy’ Chen Yufei is also the biggest competitor.

Ahn Se-young, who showed strong confidence that she is ‘adapting to injuries’, is slowly lifting her racket towards the gold medal.

This is Daegun Lee from YTN.

Cameraman: Lee Hyeon-o
Video Editing: Oh Hwon Seul-gi

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