Aaron Rodgers Missing Mini Camp: Where in the World is He?

Aaron Rodgers Missing Mini Camp: Where in the World is He?

He New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgersis making the news again for the wrong reasons, after not attend the team’s mandatory two-day mini campgiving rise to many theories as to the reason for his absence.

The same head coach of the Jets, Robert Saleh mentioned when asked about Rodgers’ situation that the quarterback is attending to something that is ‘very important to him’, and although he did not give more details, there are those who seem be sure where it is.

Where is Aaron Rodgers?

According to several NFL insiders, The belief is that Aaron Rodgers is outside the United Statesand would have set off to Europe or South America to attend an ayahuasca retreatalthough there is no confirmed information about it.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated mentions that fans would have to ‘open your minds’ to guess where Aaron Rodgers is, which gives a little credibility to the version that he is involved in some ceremony of this nature.

However, Breer himself mentions that the situation with Aaron Rodgers and the Jets locker room is becoming complicated, since the team’s management itself did not have ‘a good reason to excuse’ the QB’s absence with his teammates, which It has taken away ‘credibility’ with them.

Despite having given him ‘permission’ in some way, the Jets will still take steps to discipline Rodgers, which would come with a financial fine for the veteran quarterback.

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