A Marino gem, on the radar of several professional teams

A Marino gem, on the radar of several professional teams

One of the names of the season in Marino is Adolfo. The Luanquín defender has had a great campaign, being one of the most prominent men in Sergio Sánchez’s plans, and his performance has not fallen on deaf ears. Several professional football teams, both from the First and Second Division, have shown their interest in acquiring Gozoniego to strengthen their subsidiary team, in addition to having proposals for powerful teams from the Second Federation.

One of the keys to the great interest that Adolfo has aroused is his age. The Luanquín is from 2002, so he has two years ahead of him in which he will occupy an under-23 card, a highly valued asset by many teams. Added to this is his versatility in defense, since he can act at a very good level on both sides, which makes him a perfect all-rounder for any coach. All that, in addition to his projection, has not disappeared, although his decision will take a few days to arrive. This could be the first time that Adolfo leaves Asturias, so he wants to measure his steps well and not make a decision lightly.

After being a catalyst from the bench last season for Manel Menéndez, with the arrival of Sergio Sánchez the gozoniego became a defensive pillar for Marino, being the fifth player who has played the most minutes. In the 28 games he has played, 26 of them as a starter, he has seen four yellow cards and even scored in a match against Arandina.

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