5 good reasons why you should never run a marathon…

5 good reasons why you should never run a marathon…

Running a marathon is often seen as quintessence of runningan ultimate achievement for any runner.

However, there is a flip side to this…

Although many enthusiastically sign up for these arduous races, other running enthusiasts believe that running a marathon is neither necessary nor beneficial to experience the joys of the discipline.

Now let’s look at why running a marathon might not be the best choice for some of you.

1/ The marathon misses the main point of running…

For many runners, the main attraction of running is the peace and quiet that it provides.

It is a special moment when we can disconnect from daily worries and immerse yourself in a meditative state.

The competition and intense training required for a marathon can hijack that experience by turning the race into a source of stress rather than relaxation.

2/ Preparation requires commitment and a lot of free time

Plan and rigorously follow a training program for a marathon makes each outing planned and timed.

Instead of savoring each stride, the focus is on improving pace, distance traveled and recovery strategies.

If your idea of ​​running is about inner peace, then the strict marathon schedule could take away from that enjoyment.

The dedication required to prepare for a marathon requires significant discipline and a profound lifestyle transformation.

For those who view running as a form of escapism, this new routine can become overwhelming, increasing the risk ofmental exhaustion and emotional.

3/ It is not without health risks

Although running is beneficial to the human body as a natural cardiovascular exercise, run 42.195 km in a row imposes a considerable constraint.

Even with adequate preparation, some runners experience injuries or excessive body stress from the intense demands of the marathon.

Tendonitis and joint pain
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Impact on immune functions

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People with specific medical conditions should be particularly careful when considering running a marathon.

Extreme exertion can aggravate existing problems such as heart disease or musculoskeletal disorders, turning a hobby into a real health hazard.

4/ The marathon has become a business rather than a party

Goodies, trinkets, T-shirts, sponsors and so on…

These days, marathons are mostly about big money.

Brands are scrambling to be associated with major races in big cities.

If you’ve ever participated in a race, you’ve observed that registration lounges are overrun with brands trying to promote their latest sports drink or running shoe.

Most of the time, we leave these shows with a goody bag full of things that we will probably never use.

During the race, these sponsors’ products litter the ground and once the party is over, we get spammed with emails to get our photos online.

So many things that mean that for many, marathons get a little lost along the way…

5/ Are you doing it for the right reasons?

In our society, running a marathon is often seen as a major accomplishment and becomes a source of enormous pressureboth personal and social.

Some run only to achieve this prestigious goalforgetting their initial motivations to start running, which can ultimately lead to long-term demotivation.

Explore other forms of sporting challenges

Running doesn’t have to mean participating in a marathon.

There are a multitude of alternatives to maintain motivation and interest in sport.

For example, we can get involved in shorter runsbut more frequent, where the atmosphere and the playful spirit take precedence over performance.

Setting personal goals

It is possible to define personalized goals that better match your ambitions and lifestyle. This may include:

Improve your personal time over a chosen distance
Discover new routes and landscapes
Participate in non-competitive community events

Run for fun above all!

For many former and current runners, returning to the fundamental reasons for running can help rediscover the true pleasure of this activity.

Rather than letting yourself be overwhelmed by the expectations imposed by preparing for a marathon, it is essential to remember why you started running: for pleasurethe détente and the peace of mind that this form of exercise can provide.

Choose to run for yourself, on your own terms, and reap the full mental and physical benefits that running can provide without the pressure of a marathon goal.

Updated by Quentin on: 06/12/2024

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