2024 “Meiyunbao” Cup China City Basketball League and Central Financial System Tournament Kickoff in Beijing

2024 “Meiyunbao” Cup China City Basketball League and the 7th Central Financial System Basketball Invitational Tournament opened in Beijing 2024-06-16 13:28:06.0 Source: China.com – Sports Channel

At noon on June 15, the 2024 “Meiyunbao” Cup China City Basketball League and the 7th Central Financial System Basketball Invitational Tournament were held at the Beijing City Legend Basketball Arena. The league received strong support from the China Enterprise Sports Association, Beijing Basketball Association, Gome Finance, COFCO Oils and Fats, Jiutian Xingge and other units.

The China City Basketball League has been successfully held for 17 consecutive years, aiming to vigorously promote national fitness, develop mass sports, and better play the unique role of sports in promoting national economic and social development. More than 300 units including central and state agencies, central state-owned enterprises, financial systems, business schools, and Beijing municipalities have participated in this event. This event is widely welcomed by employees of participating units, and the brand awareness and social influence of the event are increasing day by day. Through the cohesion and aggregation of sports events, a platform for diversified exchanges and cooperation has been built. Since its launch, the league has received positive responses from all walks of life and units. The opening match of the game was held between China Mobile Group and Tongda Technology Team.

The event “uses sports as a medium to promote business”, giving full play to the leading role of national ministries, enterprises, institutions and local governments in national fitness, using sports as a carrier to create a communication platform, and through the development of urban sports leagues, build city brands, stimulate urban development vitality, drive local economic development, and promote the all-round integration and integrated linkage of urban investment chains and industrial development chains, providing a broader extension space for event economy and city brands. “

In addition, representative teams from 15 units including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, CITIC Publishing Group, national agency teams, China National Chemical Corporation, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Industrial Bank, and China Communications Construction Beijing Bureau participated in the event.

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