2024 European Archery Championships: Team Trials Update Live Coverage

2024 European Archery Championships: Team Trials Update Live Coverage


4.34pm Our text LIVE LIVE of the team trials of the 2024 European Archery Championships in Emmen (Germany) ends here. Thank you for following the event in our company. To all friends and readers of OA Sport, have a good day.

4.33pm Meanwhile, the victory of the men’s trio of the compound arrives, which overcomes France in the extra arrows to reach the final. Marco Bruno, Michea Godano and Federico Pagnoni fly to the final for gold. Tomorrow they will challenge Turkey.

4.31pm The European Championships are certainly not over. We need to win heavy medals. Tomorrow the Italians will challenge Germany for the bronze, while the men will face France for the gold in a match with an Olympic flavour.

4.29pm Masterful fourth set for the Azzurri, who prevailed with a score of 58-57, scoring two


ITALY-FRANCE 1-5. The Olympic dream of the Italians ends, as they suddenly lose to the French team. At the same time comes the clear 6-0 victory for the Netherlands against a timid Germany. The Germans, already certain of the pass to Paris 2024, will challenge Italy tomorrow for the continental bronze.

Italy-Netherlands 3-3. Sin. The Dutch response arrives, mocking the Azzurri in the third set, winning 57-56. Now a fourth set not for the faint of heart.

Italy-France 1-3. The draw in the second set for the Italians was decidedly less positive, as they ended up at 55 all. Andreoli, Boari and Rebagliati are forced to make a comeback, also because no good news arrives in the other semi-final. Germany, certain of the Olympic pass, is down 4-0 against the Netherlands.

Italy-Netherlands 3-1. A challenge that continues to travel on the thin thread of balance. Second set ended in a draw at 56 points for both trios. All in all it goes well for the Azzurri, who will have their first match point in the third set.

Italy-France 0-2.
Unfortunately, the first set was lost by the Italians, beaten 56-54 by their French rivals. A very heavy 7 which nullifies the three 10s found by the Italians.

Italy-Netherlands 2-0! First set that smiles on the Azzurri, who did well to prevail with a score of 55-54. One 10 and five 9s signed by the Italian archers.




4.07pm Here we are. It’s time for the recurve semifinals. In the men’s field, Italy-Holland (Broeksma, Roos, Wuler) is worth Paris 2024 as the other two semi-finalists are already certain of participating in the next Olympic Games. The Italians challenge France (Bardelin, Cordeauz, Lopez) with an eye on Germany-Holland.

4.05pm As far as the compound is concerned, the experience of the Italians (Moccia, Roner, Tonioli) ends, eliminated by the Spanish trio. The men (Bruno, Godano, Pagnoni) advance to the semifinals, beating the Netherlands 232-226.

4.04pm All quarter-finals concluded. Below are the pairings for the upcoming semi-finals:





ITALY-SPAIN 5-3! LET’S GO GUYS! Heavy comeback victory for the Azzurri, who won the fourth set with a score of 55-52. The semi-final against the Netherlands is worth the Olympic pass.

Italy-Spain 3-3. We are still alive in the masculine! Iberian collapse, with the Spanish trio capable of obtaining only a terrible 48. Not even the Azzurri steal the attention, but the 54 is worth the draw after three sets.

ITALY-UKRAINE 6-0! The Italians burst into the semi-final, easily defeating Ukraine too. Third set dominated with a score of 58-54 which projects them into a very hot challenge against their French cousins.

Italy-Spain 1-3. There is no good news from the men’s side, with the Azzurri losing the second set with a score of 55-52. The two 7s of the Azzurri were very heavy and nullified the three initial 10s.

Italy-Ukraine 4-0. The immaculate path of the Italians continues, as they narrowly win the second set 53-52. Two 10s, two 9s, an 8 and a 7 for the Italian archers.

Italy-Spain 1-1. 55 all in the first set for the Italian trio. Once again regret for an 8 which could have meant a set.

Italy-Ukraine 2-0! Super start for the Italians, who won the first set with a score of 57-54. Two Xs, two 10s, a 9 and an 8 for the Italians.




3.32pm We continue non-stop with all the quarter-finals. We clearly focus on the recurve, which in addition to the continental podium also offers a very precious Olympic pass. The men’s Italy challenges Spain (Acha Gonzalez, Sanchez Antoku, Temino Mediel), the women’s faces Ukraine (Chebotarenko, Marchenko, Pavlova).

3.28pm No surprises in the round of 16 of the women’s recurve. The teams credited with the best position in the ranking advance. Below are the quarterfinals:

France-Great Britain

3.24pm Some of the round of 16 finals of the women’s recurve are still underway. Meanwhile, the men of the compound also reach the quarterfinals, beating the hosts Germany with a score of 171 to 166.

ITALY-SLOVAKIA 6-0! No problem for the Italians, who only needed an easy 53 to win the third set. It will be a duel with Ukraine in the quarter-finals.

4-0 Italia! Another solid set from the Italian trio, who repeats the 54 of their debut, bringing themselves one step away from success. Curiously, the Italians repeated the same scores as in the first set. Slovakia improves, but stops at 51.

2-0 Italia!
First set dominated by the Italians who finished with a score of 54-48. The Italian archers seem inspired.



2.57pm Tatiana Andreoli, Lucilla Boari and Chiara Rebagliati are preparing to challenge Denisa Barankova, Elena Bendikova and Kristina Druskova. The winner of the match will find Ukraine and Greece in the quarter-finals.

2.53pm In the women’s field, in addition to the host country of the next Olympics (France), the German team is already certain of passing. Italy who will begin their journey against Slovakia.

2.51pm The program will continue at 3.00pm with the round of 16 of the team event of the women’s recurve and the men’s compound. Italians who will hunt for the Olympic pass.

2.47pm Let’s take a look at the women’s compound. Italy is already in the quarterfinals and in this case too they will find Spain. Andrea Nicole Moccia, Elisa Roner and Marcella Tonioli, like the recurve men, will be busy at 3.35pm.

2.42pm Below are the quarter-finals of the men’s recurve bow team event:


2.40pm Three 9s are enough for Spain to get the better of Poland. It will therefore be the Iberians who will challenge Italy in the quarter-finals which will begin at 3.35pm.

2.38pm Croats who will face Turkey, who came back to win 6-2 over Slovakia. In the lower part of the scoreboard, the one that concerns us most, Ukraine’s 5-3 success over Great Britain, and the Netherlands’ clear victory over the Czech Republic.

2.36pm Decisive set between Poland and Spain, who find themselves in perfect parity after the regulation 4 rounds of shooting. Meanwhile comes the surprising elimination of the hosts Germany, who leave the way with a score of 5-3 to Croatia.

2.33pm France is progressing without problems, and it’s not bad news given that their cousins ​​from beyond the Alps are already certain of participating in the home Olympics. In the quarterfinals they will face Switzerland.

ITALY – LUXEMBOURG 5-1! The Azzurri’s round of 16 match ends here, as they play an impeccable third set, winning it 58-53. Two Xs, two 10s and two 9s for the Italians.

3-1 Italia.
The second set ends in a draw with an 8 which leaves a hint of bitterness in the mouth. 55-55 the score of the second half which again saw Musolesi get two 10s.

2-0 Italia! Three 10s and as many 9s scored by the Azzurri with a perfect Musolesi. 57-55 the score of the first set closed in favor of the Italian archers.



2.12pm The winner of the round of 16 between Italy and Luxembourg will find Spain and Poland in the quarter-finals. Finally, let us remember that only the winner of the European Championship will qualify for Paris 2024, and that in the men’s field France and Turkey have already qualified.

2.10pm The Italian team is completed by Federico Musolesi and Alessandro Paoli. Luxembourg, which beat Denmark 5-4 in the first round, fields Jerome Ansel, Jeff Henckels and Pit Klein.

2.06pm We start off strong straight away with the Azzurri challenging Luxembourg. After the disappointment of the individual, Mauro Nespoli will try to drive Italy towards the goal of the Olympic pass.

2.02pm Good afternoon and welcome back to the written LIVE LIVE of the team trials of the 2024 European Archery Championships. In Essen (Germany) in just under 15 minutes the round of 16 of the men’s recurve begins.

Good morning and welcome to direct live text of the European Archery Championships 2024 underway in Essen (Germany): Italy comes into play in the round of 16 of the men’s and women’s team events in the recurve, in the round of 16 of the men’s compound and in the quarterfinals of the women’s compound.

In the men’s recurve at 2.15pm Italy Mauro Nespoli, Federico Musolesi and Alessandro Paoliwho qualified as third, will meet the in the round of 16 Luxembourg (Ansel, Henckels and Klein), who beat Denmark in the shoot-off (29-27 play-off arrows). In case of victory for the Azzurri in the quarterfinals one between Poland and Spain.

In the women’s recurve at 3.00 pm Chiara Rebagliati, Lucilla Boari and Tatiana Andreoliwho came second in the ranking round, will challenge the Slovakia (Barankova, Bendikova and Druskova), who beat Poland 5-1. If successful, Italy will reach the quarterfinals between Greece and Ukraine.

The round of 16 of the team competitions of the 2024 European Archery Championshipsunderway in Essen (Germany), with Italy is the protagonist in all the scoreboardsthey will start at 3:00 pm 14.15: OA Sport will offer you live text coverage of the event from 2.00 pm.

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