We’re Gonna Be Okay: Thomas Nicholas’ Sunshine Rock Album Review

28.05.2024 | 09:03

Sunshine rock.

Oh, the man really makes music? Our Hanne once posted a piece of news that made me think that the man would like to cash in on his past as an actor, because he played in the “American Pie” films (terrible and stupid) and “Rookie Of The Year” (a little better and much less stupid, although deadly boring like baseball in general). And, as I’ve just researched, in numerous others, none of which I’ve seen. I’m not sure if I’ve missed something, but that might be more due to the genres he plays in, which I rarely watch. Or because I simply don’t watch many films.

But this is about his music. The promo sheet says that “We’re Gonna Be Okay” is his seventh album, but when I search for it, I find very little of substance. But at least all six previous albums are available digitally. This shows me that Thomas has at least found his style, somewhere in the intersection between rock and pop, sometimes with songwriting influences, only the punk influences that the label promised me remain hidden almost throughout.

But that doesn’t matter at all, because Mr Nicholas has a good voice, doesn’t waste time on banter and presents ten straightforward songs on the first album released on SBÄM Records, which clock in at just over 32 minutes. No bullshit, just beautiful, positive pieces, sometimes a little lighter, sometimes with a prominent electric guitar, but never reaching hard rock, but with ‘Just Leave It’ he brings out the melo-punk approach and fortunately completely without a ballad.

Nice. In fact, his music can be compared to his early acting work. They are never earth-shattering achievements, the mainstream is firmly in focus, but apart from the fact that it is “just” good entertainment, which may cause the intellectual music grump to wrinkle a few wrinkles on the forehead, there is actually nothing wrong with the good-humored, always smiling songwriter, who does not seem to have any ambition to write music history with “We’re Gonna Be Okay”. In that sense, his seventh album is just nice. I like it.

Grade: 7.00 Editor: Frank Jaeger

2024-05-28 07:04:36


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