Vladimír Růžička’s Support for PRO Party Sparks Controversy in Hockey Community

Vladimír Růžička’s Support for PRO Party Sparks Controversy in Hockey Community

photo: Rudolf Komár, PrahaIN.cz/Vladimír Růžička at the PRO press conference

On Sunday, PrahaIN.cz noticed the status of the deputy chairman of the PRO party, Matěj Drbohlav, on social networks. In it, he briefly reviewed his meeting with the former coach of the Czech national hockey team, Vladimír Růžička. He already announced in April that he will be applying for the votes of the voters in the European elections for the aforementioned entity. But it is more about symbolism, Růžička is in twenty-eighth place.

However, the topic of Drbohlav’s contribution was not the election, but rather the ongoing hockey championship.

“Vladimir Růžička acknowledges the combativeness and commitment of the Czech team, but it is necessary to keep the pace in order to win the medal, which we both believe in. “Kluky watches every match and evaluates coach Rulík positively,” stated the vice-chairman of the PRO.

However, the following remark will probably cause the biggest discussion: “We clearly agreed that the athletes are not to blame for the war in Ukraine. That’s how Russia should be at the hockey championship,” said the former coach and striker at the meeting.

Dominator is against

The former goalkeeper Dominik Hašek, now also a TOP 09 senate candidate, has been speaking out against this position for a long time. “I completely agree with this opinion. The boys and girls are mostly not to blame. But the way the rules are set now, unfortunately, whenever they step onto the ice, tennis court or swimming pool, as citizens of the Russian country, they are the best advertisement for Russian actions,” he told PrahaIN.cz.

Drbohlav further stated in his status that he perceives the attacks on Vladimír Růžička after he announced his support for the PRO party. He says it bothers him, but they intend to continue their joint campaign. “He promised me participation in the European Parliament campaign in the Ústí Region: Kadaň, Jirkov, Most, Bílina, Krupka, Varnsdorf, Děčín and Ústí,” wrote Drbohlav.

Both he and Vladimír Růžička confirmed the authenticity of the issued status for PrahaIN.cz on Sunday.

The Russian national team is absent from the hockey championships in Prague and Ostrava, but individual players are still represented in a number of competitions. In the NHL, Sergei Bobrovsky catches for Florida, the stars of the competition are Nikita Kucherov, Artemi Panarin, Vladimir Tarasenko and Kirill Kaprizov.


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