Venezuelan Refugee Edilio Centeno to Compete in Paris 2024 Olympics

Venezuelan Refugee Edilio Centeno to Compete in Paris 2024 Olympics

Editorial | LA PRENSA DE LARA.- Venezuelan Edilio Francisco Centeno Nieves is one of the 36 refugee athletes who will participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Centeno will compete in Olympic shooting.

This Thursday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) presented the team of refugee athletes, being the third of its kind to participate in the Olympic Games, after those who competed in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

This 2024 team will be the first to do so under its own Olympic emblem.

Regarding Edilio, it was learned that in Venezuela he ran a training academy in which he prepared aspiring Olympic shooters. He migrated to Mexico and after the support of the Scholarship program for Refugee Athletes, he now trains with his sister in his new host country.

The team is made up of a Venezuelan, two Cubans, 15 athletes are of Iranian origin, five come from Syria and four from Afghanistan, while the rest are from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo .

Many of the athletes have been welcomed in European countries, such as Germany or the United Kingdom, while others reside in Mexico, Israel or Canada.

Refugee team:

Edilio Centeno (Venezuela, Mexico, shooting)

Farida Abaroge (Ethiopia, France, athletics)

Omid Ahmadisafa (Iran, Germany, boxing)

Yahya Al Ghotany (Syria, Jordan, taekwondo)

Mohammad Amin Alsalami (Syria, Germany, athletics)

Amir Ansari (Afghanistan, Sweden, road cycling)

Sibghatullah Arab (Afghanistan, Germany, judo)

Matin Balsini (Iran, Great Britain, swimming)

Mahboubeh Barbari Zharfi (Iran, Germany, judo)

Muna Dahouk (Syria, Netherlands, judo)

Jamal Abdelmaji Eisa Mohammed (Sudán, Israel, athletics)

Saeid Fazloula (Iran, Germany, sprint canoeing)

Tachlowini Gabriyesos (Eritrea, Israel, athletics)

Eyeru Gebru (Ethiopia, France, road cycling)

Yekta Jamali Galeh (Iran, Germany, weightlifting)

Fernando Dayán Jorge Enríquez (Cuba, United States, sprint piragism)

Dorian Keletela (Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, athletics)

Adnan Khankan (Syria, Germany, judo)

Perina Lokure (South Sudan, Kenya, athletics)

Iman Mahdavi (ran, Italy, fight)

Farzad Mansouri (Afghanistan, Great Britain, taekwondo)

Alaa Maso (Syria, Germany, swimming)

Kasra Mehdipournejad (Iran, Germany, taekwondo)

Cindy Ngamba (Cameroon, Great Britain, boxing)

Dina Pouryounes Langeroudi (Iran, Netherlands, taekwondo)

Mohammad Rashnonezhad (Iran, Netherlands, judo)

Amir Rezanejad (Iran, Germany, slalom canoeing)

Ramiro Mora Romero (Cuba, Great Britain, weightlifting)

Nigara Shaheen (Afganistan, Canada, judo)

Luna Solomon (Eritrea, Switzerland, shot)

Saman Soltani (Iran, Austria, sprint riding)

Musa Suliman (Sudan, Switzerland, athletics)

Manizha Talash (Afghanistan, Spain, breaking)

Hadi Tiranvalipour (Iran, Italy, taekwondo)

Jamal Valizadeh (Iran, France, Greco-Roman wrestling)

Dorsa Yavarivafa (Iran, Great Britain, badminton)

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