The X Eduardo Polo Schools League of CB Gran Canaria lives a great last day

The X Eduardo Polo Schools League of CB Gran Canaria lives a great last day

The tenth edition of the Eduardo Polo Schools League of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club came to an end this Friday, May 24, with the celebration of the great closing at the facilities of the Claret School of Tamaraceite.

This league, which brings together the different centers of the large network of schools that the club has in Gran Canaria, aims to excite boys and girls who are starting to play basketball, as well as promote integration with boys and girls. from other schools.

The participants of this league are trained in the rules and values ​​of the sport of basket ball, with friendly days in which the results become unimportant. The X Eduardo Polo Schools League also returned, to encourage families to take another step in lifelong learning.

The tenth edition closed its organization with this great celebration on the fields of the Claret School of Tamaraceite, where Granky, the club’s official mascot, was one of the main protagonists. Also there were Dreamland Gran Canaria players Pierre Pelos and Jovan Kljajic, who attended the event.

Las club schools that participated in the event were: Corazón de María Claret, San Ignacio de Loyola Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, Colegio Iberia, Nanda Cambres, Giner de Los Ríos, Deutsche Schule, San José FESD, La Salle Arucas, San Juan Bosco, Fernando Guanarteme, Vega de San José – Evecan. The BSB clubs Santa Brígida – Vega de San Mateo, CB Esbisoni, CB Las Palmas, CB 7 Palmas, CD Los Alamos – Teror and Pitufos Basket 2000 also participated.

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