The judge analyzes whether Rubiales has enough money to pay his daughters’ pension

The judge analyzes whether Rubiales has enough money to pay his daughters’ pension

The judge of Majadahonda (Madrid), Delia Rodrigo, who is investigating the Super Cup case, has demanded that the Santander bank report on “existing balances” in an account of Luis Rubiales to determine whether this entity “can attend to the payment order relating to alimony which he must face”, as specified in an order dated May 6, to which El Periódico de España, from the Prensa Ibérica group, has had access. The instructor ordered to block all the funds of the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation ( RFEF) while he remained in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

As this newspaper reported, Rubiales was forced by justice to double the alimony he paid to his ex-wife for the three daughters they have in common upon discovering a “substantial increase” in your income. This was determined by the Tenth Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia in a ruling of June 19, 2023 that detailed the income he had had in recent years. Specifically, he went from earning 97,237 euros as net income from his work in 2011 to 955,079 euros in 2020, when he had already been president of the RFEF for two and a half years.

However, the Valencian magistrates warned that in the event that his remuneration decreased “in a lasting and significant manner”, Rubiales himself could “interest in the reduction of his alimony contribution for his daughters”.

I couldn’t get gas

Two days after receiving a visit from Benemérita in the Dominican Republic, Rubiales stated in an interview with La Sexta that he did not have “the possibility of paying for a Coca-Cola.” Furthermore, he stated that to get around the island he had “an eight-year-old SUV” which He couldn’t get gas since his accounts had been blocked.. However, the receipts found by the agents of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard show that Rubiales had recently purchased a Porsche Macan.

Lawyer Tomás González Cueto after the judge in the Super Cup case released him. / EFE

In the order of May 6, Judge Delia Rodrigo asks the Prosecutor’s Office about the request made by former soccer player Francisco Javier Martín Alcaide, ‘Nene’, a friend of Rubiales, to have his accounts unlocked with the intention of making the payment. of several loans. Precisely, the instructor investigates the businesses that Rubiales was able to undertake with his friend Nene’, through the construction company Gruconsa. The reports provided by the UCO point to the alleged collection of more than 530,000 euros in commissions for the contracts awarded to this construction company in four years.

11,150 euros in cash

Specifically, Gruconsa has demanded that the instructor be given the devices seized at the company’s headquarters, which is not investigated in the case as a legal entity. The judge has also asked the Public Ministry to give her opinion on the claim made by the lawyer Tomás González Cueto, considered the legal brain of the RFEF under Rubiales’ mandate, so that he can be return the 11,150 euros in cash that the Civil Guard seized during the registration of your home.

On the other hand, González Cueto’s partner in his law firm, Ramón Caravaca Magariños, has presented a document to Delia Rodrigo in which he also claims “the nullity of the actions carried out by the Civil Guard.”

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