The Impact of the New Coalition’s VAT Plan on Football Fans: Higher Ticket Prices Expected

The Impact of the New Coalition’s VAT Plan on Football Fans: Higher Ticket Prices Expected

The VAT plan laid down by the new coalition has caused quite a stir in the football world. From 2026, the rate on tickets for sporting events will increase to 21%. This will also make visiting football matches a lot less inviting for the ordinary fan.

Due to the new plans from The Hague, tickets for football matches will become a lot more expensive. While the low rate of 9% is maintained for amusement park and cinema visits, it increases by no less than 12% for sports competitions. It Algemeen Dagblad outlines as an example what that could mean for a season ticket at Feyenoord. The cheapest will have a price of 385 euros next season, but that would increase to 430 euros with the future VAT rate.

The KNVB is outraged by the government’s decision-making and is afraid that visitor numbers will decrease due to the higher prices. “This affects people with a small wallet and they are more likely to drop out due to the higher costs, especially in times of rising costs. This means that the bill is now being passed on to supporters, clubs and football players,” a spokesperson for the association reported. the AD.

In addition, the increased rate has serious consequences for football as a whole. “When it was decided twenty years ago that entrance tickets would be sold at the low VAT rate, agreements were already made by clubs, KNVB and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport about the proceeds,” the football association said. “Approximately 3.5 million euros are invested annually in youth football and the development of more than 2,800 football clubs. The loss of this is disastrous for amateur football.”

Supporters’ Collective Netherlands also has serious reservations about the new policy, chairman Matthijs Keuning said. “The great thing about football stadiums is that many people with different backgrounds now come together there, a reflection of all levels of society. The danger is that a popular sport like football will soon become something for the elite.”

Mission failed
Initially, the football world hoped to remain out of harm’s way as far as the renewed VAT scheme was concerned. Especially because the ‘outline agreement’ that the government parties recently presented barely mentioned sports. In addition, there has been intense lobbying from various important football bodies recently to maintain the original rate of 9%.

When NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt told the room last week that he also had to pay more for his ticket at FC Twente, it turned out that the mission from the football world had failed. Marc Boele, general manager of the Kitchen Champion Division, expresses his dissatisfaction in the AD. “It has clearly not resulted in a different policy. I think there is no other option than to consult with all parties involved again to indicate that this is yet another policy change that hits the sport hard.”


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