The Exhausting Cycle of Parental Obligations: A Reflection on the Overwhelming Demands of School Events and Celebrations

The Exhausting Cycle of Parental Obligations: A Reflection on the Overwhelming Demands of School Events and Celebrations

I write down in my diary the umpteenth end-of-year festival that I must attend in fulfillment of my parental obligations. Obligations that have been growing exponentially in recent years and are inversely proportional to the number of children we have. Although this does not matter because the school-family-parenting gurus system works as if all children were unique and were born with the right to exclusive attention and care. Before, students could be happy if their parents showed up at school once a year for an exceptional appointment, but now there is no worker or professional who does not move appointments and meetings, change shifts or spend days on their own business to sit and watch all the courses parade singing or acting and applaud enthusiastically. Remedios Zafra should write a book about parental enthusiasm, as alienating as work enthusiasm.

Autumn festival, concerts, Christmas function, carnival parade, spring festival, cultural week, judo demonstration, end of swimming lessons, summer school… I realized that we were lost in the river when I attended to a graduation ceremony at the kindergarten. In kindergarten!

Where does this self-exploitation come from? Guilt, without a doubt. And from so many American movies in which the child becomes very sad when the father does not arrive in time to see him act as a little tree and he is already thinking about how he will tell his future psychologist how traumatic it was to feel abandoned. The mothers had never made costumes, nor played with the children because the children usually prefer their peers as companions, but now, parents (and even more so mothers) are everything and we have to do everything. As if we did not work or have a life beyond caring for the fruits of our reproductive process. It is not surprising that they grow up always feeling very special, very different from others, unique beings who deserve to have all their needs covered. The real ones and the invented ones because I fear that we parents have gotten ourselves into the trap of excessive demands without anyone asking us. The first birthday party when the child doesn’t even know how to walk, the second when he passes by the guests and goes to his ball if he doesn’t hit them with a toy. Many of the things we accustomed them to from very early on were not their needs but ours. Poor exploited parents! Poor children with an overdose of attention, suffocated by total parenting!

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2024-05-17 04:02:34
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