Taiwan-American Cup Charity Basketball Tournament Finals: A Victory for Tianren Tea

Taiwan-American Cup Charity Basketball Tournament Finals: A Victory for Tianren Tea

[The Epoch Times, May 14, 2024]The finals of the third “Taiwan-American Cup Charity Basketball Friendship Invitational Tournament” hosted by the Taiwan-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles (TACCLA) were held on May 11 at Citrus College. The stadium makes its grand debut. Although the three teams composed of the Taiwan American Chamber of Commerce, China Airlines, and the Office of Literature and Literature fought hard against the Tianren Tea team, the Tianren Tea team still won the championship with a slight victory of 42:31 in the end. The three teams won second place.

On May 11, 2024, the final awards of the third “Taiwan-US Cup Charity Basketball Friendship Invitational Tournament” will be held. (Provided by the organizer)

After the exciting preliminaries on April 28, the ATeam Logistics team competed against the China Trust Team for third place. After the same intense tug-of-war, Thunder Logistics won the third place with 49:44. China Trust won the third place honorably despite the defeat.

Taiwan-American Chamber of Commerce President Ye Yi-lan said that the Taiwan-American Cup will continue to be held for the third time with the support of many enterprises and societies. Last year, the Taiwan-American Chamber of Commerce-China Airlines-Scripture Office trio won the championship. Although they failed to defend their title today, next year still have a chance. She said that fans can do good by going to watch the game. All proceeds from tickets and charity sales that day totaled US$2,400, which was donated to the Care Mission USA to feed the homeless.

Ji Qinyao, director of the Cultural Affairs Office in Los Angeles, expressed his gratitude to the Taiwan-American Chamber of Commerce for hosting the Taiwan-American Cup, which attracted many basketball enthusiasts to form teams to participate. He hopes that Taiwanese businesses in Southern California will support sports exchange activities and help the government increase Taiwan’s visibility.

Tianren Tea captain Huang Yuliang loves basketball. He said that he has been playing basketball since 1983 and hopes to add an evergreen group in the future to allow golfers over 60 years old to network. “We are here to support the Taiwan-US Cup, the overseas Chinese chamber of commerce and business, and to make friends with the ball.” He said that because his son Huang Xinwei formed a team and trained regularly, Tianren Tea won the championship for the first time in the competition and will compete again next year to defend the title.

Xu Mingfeng, the general convener and coach of the three teams, said that this year the four teams in the Taiwan-US Cup all competed with each other in an excellent spirit of fighting without giving in. The game is very interesting to watch; and the most important thing is the unity of friendship. Promote business support cooperation. He hopes more teams will team up to participate next year.

Zheng Yulin, China Airlines Americas Regional Director and Los Angeles General Manager, jointly received the runner-up trophy and said that China Airlines has participated in the Taiwan-US Cup since the first edition and is glad that there are more and more participating teams. He introduced that China Airlines will soon open a new route from Seattle to Taiwan and hopes that everyone will continue to support China Airlines.

Mike Wang, captain of Thunder Logistics, said that the team has been in existence for five years and has a fixed practice time. He said that participating in the “Taiwan-US Cup” for the first time was more difficult than expected, and China Trust is also very competitive. If he can succeed after practicing hard after returning, he will challenge for the championship next year.

Liu Jianhong, deputy CEO of China Trust Bank in the United States, said that as the captain of the team, he organized a large cheerleading team, and his colleagues actively participated in overseas Chinese community activities. I hope to attract more donations to the Mantou Foundation. Liu Jianhong introduced that China Trust Bank from Taiwan currently has 21 branches in the United States, and there are 14 in the greater Los Angeles area. ◇

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