Surprise Inclusion of Dylan Batubinsika in Starting Lineup for Play-Off 2: Dall’Oglio’s Bold Decision

A major surprise emanated from Olivier Dall’Oglio’s starting lineup last night for play-off 2 against Rodez: the inclusion of Dylan Batubinsika in the central axis, to the detriment of Saint-Etienne captain Anthony Briançon.

Asked about this choice during the post-match press conference, Olivier Dall’Oglio justified himself: “Because at some point, you have to bring a little freshness. When I have the choice, it’s interesting, everyone interprets it as they want. Antho’ was ready too but perhaps a little worn out by the last match. Batu’ I felt that he was ready, with a determination perhaps even greater due to the fact that he was not playing the last matches. It’s an interesting competition because it’s healthy and they each increase their level thanks to that..”

Comments which echo those he made in a pre-match press conference about Dylan Batubinsika : “Batu’ has assets that Briançon does not have but they have different characteristics. For example, there is an interesting long game for the restart on the side of Antho’ (Briançon). I have to ask myself questions and sometimes this is done according to my feelings. I repeat: all three are starters.”

Olivier Dall’Oglio wanted to recall the importance of having a strong group for this final stretch: “It’s clear. We have often talked about it, about having as many people as possible in the workforce. We need a solid squad with a minimum of injuries. We are reaching key moments. Nathanaël (Mbuku) enters and makes the difference. Irvin (Cardona) we know that he can score at any time, it’s a bit of a lethal weapon.”

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2024-05-25 14:00:00
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