Stratospheric Triple by Xabi Oroz Forces Decisive Fifth Game in Grupo Ureta Tizona vs. Guuk Gipuzkoa Series

Stratospheric Triple by Xabi Oroz Forces Decisive Fifth Game in Grupo Ureta Tizona vs. Guuk Gipuzkoa Series

CJ.4: A stratospheric triple by Xabi Oroz and a solid Real Betis force the fifth in their series

The Ureta Tizona Group had up to two shots to have won the ticket to the Final Four, but their two errors, together with a stratospheric triple of more than 10 meters by Xabi Oroz ended up taking Guuk Gipuzkoa to the dispute of the fifth game in the next Friday night. A path that Real Betis emulated from Seville, which was able to equal the initial 2-0 of Movistar Estudiantes to be able to meet again in Madrid.


The lower side of the draw closed its two qualifying rounds by fast track (3-0) but now we will have to wait until next Sunday to prepare for the semi-final crossing resulting from the upper side. Because both Guuk Gipuzkoa and Real Betis were able to win on their courts to force the fifth in their series against Grupo Ureta Tizona and Movistar Estudiantes.

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It seemed like an even match in San Sebastián based on what we had seen on the court in the three previous matches and… That’s how it was! Because being aware of being at a point of no return, Mikel Odriozola’s players knew how to take advantage of their collective game during the first quarter to begin to show their claws. Again with the Barcello – Aurrecoechea duo hurting their rival, but this time with more guest actors such as Savkov who liked each other on the court or Xabi Oroz who asked for passage from the perimeter. And although he did not have his best night from the triple during the clash (0/4) like an erratic Grupo Ureta Tizona (6/21), the Basque exterior was going to end up being the key to being able to force the fifth. Because, with the score tied, Grupo Ureta Tizona had up to two shots to win the game and be able to get the ticket to the Final Four, until a San Sebastian rebound gave Oroz the opportunity to play the 10-meter triple with the goal. victory for his team (SEE VIDEO). A basket that thus gives the San Sebastian team an extra life to force the fifth on next Sunday night (82-79).

And it wasn’t going to take long for the fifth match of the series to arrive, also in the other tie at stake. A match that turned the San Pablo Sports Palace into a party after 40 minutes of play under a script similar to that of last Friday’s match. Because the Sevillian team once again took the initiative from the beginning, very quickly taking 10 points in their favor and this time having Eddy Polanco as the leader. A clash that became a little more complicated for the Madrid team after going through the locker room with a local team that knew how to take advantage of their mistakes, thus increasing the differences and complicating the final stretch of the match for a rival without ideas. The locals thus overturned the initial 2-0 against them, tying the series and forcing the fifth for next week (77-65).


Best of five games series. The four winners will qualify for the semifinals of the Final Four.

A) Movistar Estudiantes (2nd) vs Real Betis Baloncesto (9th)
J.1: 86-77 | 1-0 | MVP: J. Rodríguez – 31 val.
J.2: 98-73 | 2-0 | MVP: G. Ferrando – 27 val.
J.3: 90-84 | 2-1 | MVP: F. Alonso – 38 val.
J.4: 77-65 | 2-2 | MVP: E. Polanco – 28 val.
J.5: To be determined | Pab. WiZink Center (Madrid)

B) Longevida San Pablo Burgos (3rd) vs UEMC Real Valladolid (8th)
J.1: 81-59 | 1-0 | MVP: L. Nwogbo – 23 val.
J.2: 91-61 | 2-0 | MVP: M. Speight – 26 val.
J.3: 75-91 | 3-0 | MVP: D. Ristic – 25 val.

C) ICG Força Lleida (4th) vs HLA Alicante (7th)
J.1: 84-73 | 1-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 28 val.
J.2: 88-68 | 2-0 | MVP: B. Davison – 25 val.
J.3: 68-73 | 3-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 17 val.

D) Grupo Ureta Tizona (5th) vs Guuk Gipuzkoa (6th)
J.1: 108-90 | 1-0 | MVP: I. Aurrecoechea – 29 val.
J.2: 90-92 | 1-1 | MVP: A. Barcello – 32 val.
J.3: 77-87 | 2-1 | MVP: A. Barcello – 25 val.
J.4: 82-79 | 2-2 | MVP: I. Aurrecoechea – 15 val.
J.5: Friday, May 31 – 8:45 p.m. | El Plantío Sports Center (Burgos)


Semifinals: Saturday June 8
Final: Sunday June 9

S1: Winner A vs Winner D
S2: Longevida San Pablo vs ICG Força Lleida

Final: Winner S1 vs Winner S2

* Venue to be determined

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