Should Manuel Neuer be Replaced as Germany’s Number One Goalkeeper?

Should Manuel Neuer be Replaced as Germany’s Number One Goalkeeper?

Should national coach Julian Nagelsmann reconsider his number one decision after Neuer’s mistakes against Real Madrid and Hoffenheim? Absolutely not, says ran – a comment.

by Carolin Blüchel

Manuel Neuer is currently not in his best form. His momentous punt moment in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League against Real Madrid and three mistakes in the last Bundesliga game against Hoffenheim undoubtedly serve as evidence of this.

It is part of a goalkeeper’s life that, when serious mistakes are made, countless dream saves are temporarily forgotten. Wiped away as if they never existed.

It’s understandable that football Germany is in turmoil a few weeks before the European Championship at home when the number one support is wavering. The call for Marc-Andre ter Stegen and a new replacement – less so. And that should be noted with all due respect to the Barca keeper.

But: If Nagelsmann were to question Neuer now, it would be a catastrophe. You don’t lose trust in a goalkeeper you really believe in just because he had a few lapses in concentration. On the contrary: you unconditionally support him and approach him with conviction so that he can regain his old strength.

Replacing Neuer as number one without necessity would result in two unsettled keepers: Neuer due to the demotion and ter Stegen, who was originally found to be a bit worse.

It’s a construction site that the national coach doesn’t need. The psychological effect is not even the most important aspect.

Newer can still do it

Neuer’s mentality is unique. How many had written off the 38-year-old after he suffered a double fracture of his tibia and fibula? A horror injury at an advanced footballer’s age? He can’t do that.

Neuer proved the opposite. Through meticulous work. But above all through belief in yourself, irrepressible will, the mindset of a champion. Incidentally, a quality that the national team urgently needs at the home European Championship in order to create a summer fairy tale 2.0.

Added to this is Neuer’s ability – despite the disappointing season with FC Bayern. The 2014 world champion still holds the unstoppable, as he impressively showed time and time again with his brilliant saves against Real Madrid.

Ter Stegen with a mixed season

And then there is another crucial point that those who are now calling for ter Stegen have apparently completely forgotten. While the 32-year-old was named La Liga MVP in the 2022/23 season, an honor that is usually given to strikers, his form curve pointed downwards in the past season.

FC Barcelona had as little chance in the championship fight as Bayern did in the Bundesliga. In the Champions League, the Catalans were outnumbered and were literally slaughtered by Paris St. Germain in the quarter-final second leg.

Ter Stegen himself missed a whopping 19 games due to persistent back problems. And he wobbled too. Like recently in the 4-2 win against FC Valencia, when he rushed out of the goal, didn’t hit the ball correctly and thus made it 1-1 for the opponent.

The realization is simple. Goalkeepers make mistakes. That’s part of the job. Working your way out of a weak phase is also important.

Nagelsmann would be a bad national coach if he questioned the decisions he made with conviction every time he made a mistake.

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