Sarıca Expresses Pride in Team After Victory, Looks Ahead to Izmir Series

In his statement, Sarıca thanked all his players and said that he was proud of his team.

Stating that they competed in front of 11-12 thousand fans in the match where they defeated their opponents 90-87 in Istanbul, Sarıca said, “No one believed that we could win on the road. There was a very heavy atmosphere, but we played a great match. We fell behind by 10 points, but despite this, we did not give up and in the end “We managed to win by playing very big.” he said.

Reminding that Vitto Brown was injured in the first match and Jaylon Brown was injured yesterday, Sarıca said, “Jaylon, who started the match very well, suffered a groin injury and said that he could not continue. We could not play either. However, we received a great contribution from Ergi, especially Mert Celep. “Vitto played injured, he made sacrifices, he might not have played because he was in a lot of pain.” he said.

Noting that they moved the series to Izmir, Sarıca said, “We need to play one more match and the fatigue and injuries are piling up. We must be ready. Jaylon’s injury does not look good, we will see what happens. We will do our best in front of our fans. To pass the tour at home in Izmir.” we want.” made his assessment.

2024-05-18 11:53:01
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