Ruud van Nistelrooij Praises Peter Bosz and Reflects on Time at PSV

Ruud van Nistelrooij Praises Peter Bosz and Reflects on Time at PSV

Ruud van Nistelrooij is nothing but complimentary about the work of Peter Bosz at PSV. The Eindhoven team appointed Bosz last year as successor to the former top scorer of Manchester United and Real Madrid, among others, after Van Nistelrooij himself resigned just before the end of the last season because, among other things, he no longer felt familiar from the management. But the former top scorer for Manchester United and Real Madrid, among others, has no grudge against his old employer.

PSV was very satisfied with the work of the former Dutch international on the bench with the reserves and had full confidence that he could also be successful as head coach of the main squad. Although Van Nistelrooij guided the club to the final victory of the Johan Cruijff Shield and KNVB Cup and to second place in the Eredivisie, he nevertheless did not complete the season. Van Nistelrooij resigned a year ago at the Philips Stadium due to ‘friction’ in his staff and a lack of ‘unconditional’ support from the management.

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The people of Eindhoven then appointed Bosz as the new person ultimately responsible and under his leadership they were crowned champions of the Netherlands for the first time since 2018. “I sent him a message. With sincere compliments,” says Van Nistelrooij in conversation with it Algemeen Dagblad. “All the praise he gets is deserved. And what I think is class is how he treated me. These are small things, right: also mention the work that was done before your arrival. The foundation that had been laid,” says Bosz’s predecessor at PSV.

According to Van Nistelrooij, that says ‘a lot’ about Bosz and his ‘personality’. “It was also nice how Arne Slot expressed himself about the fact that I was not among the nominees for coach of the year, despite PSV winning two awards last season. I will definitely take that with me to the next clubs: show respect for colleagues.” Van Nistelrooij is certainly not angry with his old club, where he was (successfully) active as a player in addition to being a trainer. “I’ve had to process things, definitely. Makes sense too. Precisely because it is PSV, there was a lot of extra emotion. But the fire burns. I’m eager. I will have to prove myself again and achieve results. Well, fine.”


His retirement from PSV and the manner in which it was done have certainly not changed his ambition. He is eager to get back to work as a head coach. “I would love to have a sustainable future in football. I feel supported by what Guus Hiddink said this week about PSV’s title. And what Hans van Breukelen said. Those two also briefly referred to last season’s work on TV. They know PSV from within and do not just say that.”

Van Nistelrooij was announced last month Reliefo still associated with the position of head coach at RCD Mallorca and the former professional footballer himself stated earlier this week in an interview with AS know that he would like to work in Spain. He has been in discussions with a club, but cannot say which one. However, he does want to get back to work this summer. “The most important thing is the profile of a club. I want to work in an organization where there is a clear vision. And I want to work in a two-unit with a technical director. I think that construction is very important. Then you can focus much better on your work as head coach.”

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