Podemos’s Órdago to the Government: it threatens to withdraw its support if it does not suspend evictions until 2028

Podemos’s Órdago to the Government: it threatens to withdraw its support if it does not suspend evictions until 2028

Podemos enters the European pre-campaign and he does so by launching an order to the Government and threatening to withdraw support in the Congress of Deputies unless the extension of the suspension of mortgage evictionsa suspension that expires next Wednesday, May 15.

The purple party reached an agreement with the PSOE to extend this suspension of mortgage evictions for vulnerable families until 2028. The Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolañoscommitted to this measure in exchange for the purples supporting the Government in its first parliamentary exam of the legislature, with its support for the socialist decrees against its rejection of the decree on the subsidies from Yolanda Díaz.

The Podemos deputy Javier Sánchez Serna has appeared in Congress this Tuesday to issue a harsh warning to the socialist wing of the Government, and denounce the non-appearance of the Executive after having reached the agreement last January. “We have no response from the Government“, has censored the purple spokesperson, who has taken the opportunity to attack the socialists just over a month before the European elections, where Irene Montero will be the candidate.

If this Government does not comply with something so sensitiveand as eviction protection, What warranty does it have? We can that more agreements are going to be fulfilled,” asked Sánchez Serna, who has threatened to withdraw all his support for the Executive if the agreement is not fulfilled. “It would be a breach of trust.“, he considered, before warning again: “This has to be done yes or yes“. If the socialists do not comply, he insisted, “it will make dialogue impossible.”


Last January, in extremis negotiations, Ione Herb announced the agreement reached between Podemos and PSOE to extend the suspension of mortgage evictions. This agreement consisted of the measure, initially approved within the social shield approved during the pandemic, will be expanded to 2028and it was planned to be done through a reform of the Law 1/2013, on the protection of mortgage debtors. Four months after that, Podemos has no news from the Government just over a week before this measure, in force until next week, expires.

Podemos sources point out that this extension would not even necessarily have to go through the Minister council, and that could be channeled through the approval of a ministerial order by the Ministry of Housing. They insist that, if it does not occur, “We could not discuss more measures with the Government“, and that “would mean a before and after” in the legislature.

Podemos thus asserts its four votes, which are presented as essential to be able to carry out the legislative agenda of Pedro Sánchez, but now this support is suspended, at the expense of the purple ones seeing their agreements fulfilled. With this movement, Irene Montero’s party seeks to achieve a certain political prominence in a context that has been marked by reflection and the threat of resignation of the President of the Government, and in the Catalan elections, in which Podemos refused to appear so as not to tarnish with poor results the expectations placed on the European elections of June 9, in which the party has put all its efforts.

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