Pierre Sage to Remain as Coach for Lyon Next Season After Qualifying for C3

Pierre Sage to Remain as Coach for Lyon Next Season After Qualifying for C3

The news was obviously eagerly awaited, and no one was surprised when John Textor announced it with a smile, facing the press, his face delighted after OL’s victory against Strasbourg (2-1) and the qualification in C3 acquired: Pierre Sage will be the team’s coach next season.

“He himself has known it for weeks, he has already respectfully mentioned it when talking about his diploma,” said the American owner. His very first mission was to put out the fire in a burning house. We’ve never had a conversation about its future, we’re looking at how we’re going to continue to build the football department, it’s not an easy job. Since his arrival, we were only focused on the 3 points, the 3 points, the 3 points… Of course he stays, he’s been staying for a long time, it’s logical, no one has thought of another coach. »

Sage extended next week

Textor already increased his coach’s salary a few weeks ago, without extending his contract. But the new lease should therefore be signed in eight days, once the season is over. “I made him a head coach and that made me a good owner,” the president quipped. After the Coupe de France (final Saturday against PSG), we will be able to make all of that official. In the locker room, the players were already thinking about this final. »

” The season ? It is historic, Pierre Sage had assured a few minutes earlier. And the goal is to make it historic with a capital H. » The Lyon coach, who has just taken 46 points since his arrival at the beginning of December, can be the one who brings a trophy back to Lyon on Saturday. And then he will have next season to do even better, perhaps.

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