Peter Bosz Looks to Build on National Title Success with PSV for Next Season

Peter Bosz Looks to Build on National Title Success with PSV for Next Season

After winning the national title with PSV, Peter Bosz has started looking at next season. The coach expects that the framework is now in place in Eindhoven, so he will not have to build everything from scratch next season.

“I don’t think we have to start over,” Bosz said in conversation with Football International. “I also think that with Arne (Slot, ed.) you could see that he did not start again, I mean: there was a very clear framework there.” The coach hopes to be able to build on such a framework in Eindhoven next season. How does he want to do that? “By trying to let as few players go as possible. And if they do leave, we have to bring back very good players.”

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Bosz knows where the biggest challenge lies in the next season. “I have seen every player who is now at PSV grow last season. The biggest challenge, I think, will be: can we get the mindset of those guys in such a way that they can do this again. Because we have worked very hard and we have been very critical. Me, too. While I can now happily praise and praise them, I am of course internally very hard on the smallest silly things.”

Although Bosz hopes to extend the title next year, he does not think this year’s performance will be matched or surpassed. “But that is not necessary. Then you can still become a champion. Suppose we soon reach 93 points. This may have happened twice in the entire history of the Eredivisie. It would be strange if it happened a third time a year later.” Nevertheless, this does not alter the fact that the trainer still sees plenty of room for improvement. “I think about returns, taking advantage of opportunities. We have scored more than a hundred goals this season, and of course we have also missed an incredible number of opportunities. So that return will have to increase,” he concludes.

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