Paris 2024 Olympics: smiles for Jeanjean, gray face while climbing at the Shanghai TQO

The Shanghai TQO partly offers the last entry tickets to the urban events for Paris. Skateboarding, climbing, BMX and breaking are on the program for the first of the two Olympic qualifying series. The first finals took place this Saturday for some French athletes.

One out of two for BMX freestyle

Already qualified for Paris and recent winner of the FISE in Montpellier but present at the Shanghai TQO to test himself, the leading figure of French BMX freestyle, Anthony Jeanjean, proved his status by winning in the Park final. A little earlier in the day, he had finished fourth in qualifying, far ahead of the other Frenchman entered, Kévin Fabregue.

You had to be in the 12 to qualify for the final and unfortunately the 28-year-old rider failed. He finished this Shanghai stage in 18th position and sees his ticket for Paris slipping away. The former Cirque du Soleil will have to achieve an exceptional performance in Budapest at the end of June to enter the TOP 6 in the world and hope to ride Place de la Concorde in July.

No good news in climbing

The speed events of the discipline delivered their verdict with disappointing results for the French. Capucine Viglione achieved the best performance, only eliminated in the quarter-final by the Chinese Di Niu. In the previous round, the 21-year-old Marseillaise took out her compatriot Manon Lebon. Lison Gautron suffered the same fate, exiting in the round of 16, where Victoire Andrier did not make it through qualifying.

On the men’s table, the two representatives of the French clan, Guillaume Moro and Pierre Rebreyend failed in qualification, respectively 17th and 24th out of 32 participants. To qualify for the Games, they will need to enter the TOP 5 in Budapest from June 20 to 23.

The Shanghai TQO is not yet over and 27 French people are still looking for the Olympic ticket. The climbing bouldering finals, skateboarding and breaking events can be followed from 4 a.m. French time.


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