Oliver Kahn Compares Uli Hoeneß to a Character from “Succession” in Recent Interview

Oliver Kahn Compares Uli Hoeneß to a Character from “Succession” in Recent Interview

Oliver Kahn responded to a question about Uli Hoeneß in an interview with an interesting comparison. What initially seemed strange turns out to be legitimate criticism.

Oliver Kahn didn’t say much about his departure from FC Bayern. Only when others started talking about him did the former CEO speak up. In October 2023, for example. Honorary President Uli Hoeneß had previously described Kahn’s appointment as CEO as a “big mistake” in the TV program “BR24 Wahl – Der Sonntags-Stammtisch”. “And when I realized that he couldn’t do that, I spoke to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and changed that,” added Hoeneß.

Oliver Kahn reacted with surprise. He told “Bild”: “FC Bayern and I agreed in the summer that we wanted to close this chapter on friendly terms and that I would like to remain part of the FC Bayern family in the future. I continue to stand by that. Uli Hoeneß’s current statements are relevant does not necessarily contribute to respectful cooperation.”

Two months later, “Sport Bild” reported that Kahn had even hired a lawyer because Hoeneß had violated the agreement. Kahn was annoyed that this information became public. He wrote on Platform behave fairly towards FC Bayern.”

“Do you know ‘Succession’?”

Afterwards, things remained quiet for a long time between Kahn and the record champions. In March, a portrait of the “Titan” appeared in “Spiegel”, which spoke in detail. The reporter quoted from a conversation in June 2023, which took place a month after the dismissal. The question about Uli Hoeneß also came up. Kahn’s reaction? A comparison that seems strange at first glance. Because he asked the “Spiegel” editor: “Do you know ‘Succession’? A great series about a patriarch and powerful media mogul who doesn’t think anyone is capable of inheriting him?”

Kahn added that he had seen the series a long time ago, but had recently been thinking about it again and again. The series seemed familiar to him. A telling hint that takes on new flavor based on current developments.

Because the criticism of Hoeneß is getting louder and louder. The 72-year-old is actually only honorary president and member of the Munich supervisory board, but he regularly expresses himself in a less than diplomatic manner. His criticism of Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel not only angered Tuchel himself (“absolutely baseless”), it probably also frightened Ralf Rangnick. As “Bild” reports, Bayern’s dream coach is said to have had doubts about being able to actually implement his plans in Munich.

Criticism from several sides

Stefan Effenberg also criticized Hoeneß for his untimely comments. He finally made this a few days before the Champions League duel with Real Madrid. “In my opinion, he could have saved himself the (criticism). To a certain extent, that’s just Uli. Actually, Juan Bernat was always to blame for everything. Now it’s hit someone else,” he wrote in his t-online -Column.

Lothar Matthäus also criticized Hoeneß, saying on “ran”: “I can’t understand the statements.” The record national player gave a tip for the honorary president and thought it would be good “if he would walk past a microphone for once.” The former Bayern player recommended talking about everything internally. “But not in front of every camera,” said Matthäus.

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