New Era Begins at AA Gent: Changes in Leadership and Staff

New Era Begins at AA Gent: Changes in Leadership and Staff

With the departure of Hein Vanhaezebrouck, a new era begins at AA Gent. After the arrival of Sam Baro, many changes are also afoot in the boardroom at the Planet Group Arena.

The owner himself will replace Ivan De Witte as chairman, while Michel Louwagie will remain on board for another year as an advisor. This means that the Buffaloes lose a lot of know-how at several levels in one fell swoop.

Vidarsson & Ronse

It was previously announced that Wouter Vrancken will probably succeed Vanhaezebrouck as coach. For the other vacancies, Baro seeks refuge within its own ranks. For example, Arnar Vidarsson is promoted to CEO Sports.

For the non-sporting part, he would have Sébastien Ronse next to him, who currently serves as COO. From now on, it will be mainly they who will have to make the decisions in the new organizational chart of the people of Ghent.

Fort to Ghent

In addition, know The last news that Vidarsson’s sporting department will be further strengthened. According to the newspaper, Kjeld Fort, who will still be working at Club Brugge until December, will soon start his career in Ghent.

What role is planned for the former ‘Recruitment Sports Coordinator’ of Blauw-Zwart is still a question mark. It is certain that Baro also wants to further expand scouting. More news will probably follow after the season.


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