Muhammad confesses what he feels for Edwards before UFC Manchester: “I hate him”

With a month left until UFC Manchester arrives, Belal Muhammad is trying to warm up the atmosphere with his next rival, Leon Edwards, who is the current champion of the UFC welterweight division. The American wants to take the initiative before the fight and is trying to make Edwards take it on a personal level.

In this way, Muhammad wanted to make it clear that what he feels for the British is hatred and that he believes it will be an easy fight. “If I’m honest, I think he’s the easiest guy in the top five. Stylistically for me, he’s a vulnerable fighter. We saw that in the Usman fight. Anyway, I’m going to walk into that cage with hate, because I hate him. to him and to all those who accompany him”, were the words of the American.

For now, Edwards has not entered the rag, and it is possible that he will not do so in the future. The Briton is not known for participating in this type of dynamic, so it is Muhammad himself who can lose energy and gain frustration, something that does not suit a fighter who knows this feeling well. The UFC has forced him to win nine consecutive times until he has given him the title shot.

Muhammad’s style

The reluctance of the major American MMA league to allow Muhammad to fight for the belt has a lot to do with his fighting style. The American is good at many things but he doesn’t shine at anything. His boxing is good, but he doesn’t knock out or start wars. And, although it is true that his wrestling is of a high level, the truth is that he is not as attractive as Chimaev, Gamrot or Makhachev. This has made his fights boring, in the eyes of the UFC.

Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad already faced each other in the UFC in 2021. On that occasion the fight had to be stopped in the second round due to an eye poke that Edwards gave to Muhammad. The result was that the fight was annulled as the action was deemed to have been involuntary. Shortly after, Edwards would take the belt and Muhammad would have to continue rowing. Maybe that explains his hatred for her.

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