Movistar Estudiantes Secures Final Four Qualification After Intense Battle

Movistar Estudiantes Secures Final Four Qualification After Intense Battle

Become an obsession since they lost their chances of direct promotion, at Movistar Estudiantes they have conquered their qualification for the Final Four for promotion on Thursday night after beating a Real Betis Baloncesto on their court that resisted until the end . A fifth match that will decide tomorrow, Friday, the name of its rival at the Plantío.


The third ticket for the Final Four arrived in the hands of Movistar Estudiantes and with this, the Madrid team closed its first major objective by reaching the Final Four. A journey that will now continue on Friday night where they will meet the fourth and final member of the fight for promotion.

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It will not be remembered as one of the most beautiful games of the season, but it will be remembered as one of the most valuable and effective by Movistar Estudiantes. Because the 2-0 scored by Kevin Larsen was already a declaration of intentions by a team supported by almost 10,000 spectators and that knew how to impose its game against a Real Betis that, despite the difficult environment, was able to offer again one of its most combative versions. In this way, the Sevillians were able to contain a rival who ensured every possession, but who had a hard time increasing the gap. Therefore, a flight from Adams Sola shortly before half-time (SEE VIDEO) was like a breath of fresh air for the team when it came to flirting with the dozen. The Sevillian team was able to recover that disadvantage on two occasions, but the passing of the minutes was their worst enemy, with a fresher opponent and Francis Alonso who brought out all his character in an almost definitive coast to coast (SEE VIDEO) . Thus, Pedro Rivero’s men were able to take the lead towards a victory that they celebrated with their fans once the final horn had sounded (SEE VIDEO). Because with it, the ticket to the long-awaited Final Four (65-54 | 3-2) arrived.


Best of five games series. The four winners will qualify for the semifinals of the Final Four.

A) Movistar Estudiantes (2nd) vs Real Betis Baloncesto (9th)
J.1: 86-77 | 1-0 | MVP: J. Rodríguez – 31 val.
J.2: 98-73 | 2-0 | MVP: G. Ferrando – 27 val.
J.3: 90-84 | 2-1 | MVP: F. Alonso – 38 val.
J.4: 77-65 | 2-2 | MVP: E. Polanco – 28 val.
J.5: 65-54 | 3-2 | MVP: L. Faggiano – 19 val.

B) Longevida San Pablo Burgos (3rd) vs UEMC Real Valladolid (8th)
J.1: 81-59 | 1-0 | MVP: L. Nwogbo – 23 val.
J.2: 91-61 | 2-0 | MVP: M. Speight – 26 val.
J.3: 75-91 | 3-0 | MVP: D. Ristic – 25 val.

C) ICG Força Lleida (4th) vs HLA Alicante (7th)
J.1: 84-73 | 1-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 28 val.
J.2: 88-68 | 2-0 | MVP: B. Davison – 25 val.
J.3: 68-73 | 3-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 17 val.

D) Grupo Ureta Tizona (5th) vs Guuk Gipuzkoa (6th)
J.1: 108-90 | 1-0 | MVP: I. Aurrecoechea – 29 val.
J.2: 90-92 | 1-1 | MVP: A. Barcello – 32 val.
J.3: 77-87 | 2-1 | MVP: A. Barcello – 25 val.
J.4: 82-79 | 2-2 | MVP: I. Aurrecoechea – 15 val.
J.5: Friday, May 31 – 8:45 p.m. | El Plantío Sports Center (Burgos)


Semifinals: Saturday June 8
Final: Sunday June 9

S1: Movistar Estudiantes vs Vencedor D
S2: Longevida San Pablo vs ICG Força Lleida

Final: Winner S1 vs Winner S2

* Venue to be determined

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