Mike Brown Unhappy with Sacramento Kings’ Contract Offer, Seeks Higher Salary

Mike Brown Unhappy with Sacramento Kings’ Contract Offer, Seeks Higher Salary

Mike Brown’s negotiations with the Sacramento Kings continue to get complicated. After being frozen a few days ago due to the lack of understanding between both parties, the franchise has returned to them, offering the coach a three-year extension in exchange for 21 million dollars, which could be 27 million if certain objectives are met, such as and as Shams Charania, a journalist from The Athletic. However, Brown has not been satisfied with this proposal, and believes that he deserves greater financial compensation given his good results.

According to Shams, the coach is specifically looking for a salary of 10 million per year, a figure that seems to have become a kind of minimum for the coaches with the best resumes in the league. Whether Brown falls under this label will depend on each person’s opinion, but it certainly seems that he believes so or at least thinks that in Sacramento they should value him as such. After all, last year he became the second coach to finish the regular season with more wins than losses in franchise history and the first to take it to the playoffs in 17 years, and he hopes those achievements will earn him a better agreement.

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Having coaches earning 10 million dollars a year was unthinkable not long ago, but recently the leaders of the benches have managed to begin to see their work better rewarded. Without going any further, Tyronn Lue signed just a day ago an extension of 75 million over five seasons, that is, 15 million a year, proof that not only the players’ salaries have grown exponentially.

All in all, it is quite striking that the negotiations for a coach’s extension have been leaked in such great detail, something unusual. From the type of details, it would seem to be expected that this data would come from Brown’s side, but the way in which Charania has expressed the information on Twitter, calling the Kings’ offer “competitive,” almost seems to suggest that the tweet It is written from the Golden 1 Center.

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