Mbappé’s Silence: Real Madrid Signing Strategy Unveiled

Mbappé’s Silence: Real Madrid Signing Strategy Unveiled

Mbappé will not hide, but he will not talk about Real Madrid either until the white club does so first. Among the latest details of the signing of the star that the Bernabéu and the French megastar’s entourage have been working on, one is the communication strategy. Madrid wants to maintain control of the times, among other reasons for two main reasons: not to divert focus from the London final and not to step on PSG’s toes.

“There is no need for me to say my intention, everyone knows it…”

Kylian Mbappé, in a public event this past Thursday

That is why it was agreed between Madrid and Kylian that the attacker keep a low profile in his public appearances these weeks at least until June 3, once the Wembley final and its embers have passed, be it the splendor of celebrating the Fifteenth or the period to lick the wounds in case of a defeat. Until that moment, Mbappé will not be hidden and will continue to be seen, but without explicitly mentioning Madrid. Not even implicitly. He has done so in his last two appearances. First, when he collected the award for best footballer in Ligue1 for the fifth consecutive season. “The next chapter of my career will be very exciting,” he dared to say. Yesterday, at an event, he went a little further: “I don’t need to say my intention, everyone knows it…”.

His entourage is also ‘instructed’ not to mention Madrid… although they have made some insinuations along the same lines. At her farewell party, Kylian’s mother and agent, Fayza Lamari, was asked what her son’s next destination was going to be and the matriarch blurted out, “I think you already know where he’s going to go, right?” ?” White and bottled.

Madrid wants to be very careful in the announcement, for which it is generating an impact campaign, also for PSG. Although Real Madrid won the game, they do not want to make any moves that in Paris (and Doha) could be considered offensive. After all, Mbappé remains under contract until June 30… PSG’s weight in the European football arena, especially in UEFA, requires a certain diplomacy. The first step in the plan was for Mbappé to announce in the first person that he was leaving Paris, the second was for him to say goodbye to his teammates and the fans, with this last service tomorrow in the French Cup final. against Olympique Lyon (9:00 p.m.).


Mbappé, at the event in which he collected his award for best footballer of the year in the French Ligue 1. FRANCK FIFEAFP

Countdown from this Sunday

From that moment, once the season has officially ended for PSG and for Mbappé himself, the countdown to the announcement of his joining Madrid will truly begin. This time, yes.

With that front perfectly on track, Madrid focuses on the Wembley final. Monday will be Media Day for Ancelotti and the squad before facing Borussia Dortmund. This silence agreed with Mbappé also serves to ensure that the news of the team does not weigh on the signing. It will be on the table, it is impossible for it not to be there, but not as an almost main dish. That, for Madrid, has to be what is going to happen in London.

Mbappé awaits in Paris and will have to watch the final from the French team’s concentration in Clairefontaine. No longer as a fan, but counting the hours to be able to announce what is an open secret: that he is joining Real Madrid.

The presentation could be delayed until you return from vacation

Madrid is pending the problem of dates that arises with Mbappé’s galactic presentation against Real Madrid. There are two factors that are ‘pushing’ the event until July, when Mbappé returns from vacation once his participation in the Euro Cup is over. Starting this Sunday, Kylian will have to be at the France camp to prepare for the big continental event. To be presented the week after the Wembley final, it would have to be with the approval of Didier Deschamps for his great star to lose a full day traveling to Madrid, being presented and making the first set of commitments with his new club. The relations between Madrid and the French Federation are correct, but the Concha Espina entity has asserted its power to prevent any of its players (Mbappé, Camavinga, Tchoaumeni…) from being called up by Thierry Henry for the Olympic team. Bad time, therefore, to ask for favors. After that week from June 3 to 9, the Euro Cup would be so imminent that it would be unfeasible. There is another added difficulty. Presenting it after the Wembley final could generate a legal conflict with PSG, with which Mbappé has a contract in force until June 30. Unless the Parisian star and his club still sign a settlement instead of letting the current contract run out, his signing by Real Madrid and subsequent presentation in the first week of June could open a loophole for PSG to file a complaint .

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