Lessons from 37 Years of Judo: Prof. Nomura’s Inspiring Advice

Looking back on his 37 years of judo, he offers a variety of thought-provoking advice.

Professor Nomura showing off the three gold medals

On May 17th, specially appointed professor Tadahiro Nomura of our university’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, who achieved the feat of becoming the first person in history to win three consecutive judo championships at the Atlanta, Sydney, and Athens Olympics, gave his first lecture of the year at the Yagoto Campus. Professor Takashi Umeda’s first-year course, “Health and Sports Science Theory,” provides a thought-provoking and diverse course for first-year students who have just started their student lives, while looking back on various episodes from their own judo careers. I sent you some advice.

Project Professor Nomura: “Time spent working with a purpose and goal is never wasted.”

Specially Appointed Professor Nomura is a former student of Professor Umeda’s degree (Doctor of Medicine) when he was employed at Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Social Medicine. Since becoming a specially appointed professor in April 2022, I have been giving lectures on “exercise and nutrition” related to the theme of my doctoral thesis, but this time I will give lectures on “exercise and nutrition” related to the theme of my doctoral thesis, but this time I will give lectures on “exercise and nutrition”, which I have been teaching for 37 years. I would like to introduce how I made decisions at different times during my life in judo, and how I created my own career.

Students listening intently

Specially Appointed Professor Nomura looks back on his life in judo

In front of a total of approximately 280 students in two sessions, Project Professor Nomura said that in judo, which he started at the age of 3, although he was unable to achieve outstanding results in junior high and high school due to his small size, he said, “I was able to reach the top on my own.” “I decided to pursue judo. I didn’t give up because I was weak now, but I continued to work hard with hope for my future self and did the best I could today.” He then emphasized to the students, “It’s important to have dreams and goals. You may feel frustrated, but I want you to use those as springboards to take on challenges.”

Project Professor Nomura, who could not even compete in the Kansai tournament in his first year of university, made the leap to win the All Japan Student Weight Category Championship in his second year, and the gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics in his fourth year, and was led by Hosokawa, the gold medalist at the Los Angeles Olympics. Professor Nomura says that Shinji’s guidance has changed his approach to training, and “I’ve finally acquired the body and skills to fight.” “There is absolutely no need to make an effort to live afterward. Time spent working with a purpose and goal will never be wasted,” he said emphatically.

“Find what you want to aim for, what you want to do, and cherish it,” says Professor Nomura.

Lastly, he talked about an episode in which he received no attention at all at the Atlanta Olympics, which was his first time participating in an international competition, and was pushed away by a cameraman before departing, vowing to “definitely win the gold medal!”. Three gold medals won in Sydney and Athens were specially shown to the students. He once again appealed to the students, “You only live once. Find what you want to aim for, what you want to do, and cherish it.”

Professor Umeda (left) introducing Project Professor Nomura

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