Joey Veerman Linked with Abroad Transfer as He Prepares for First European Championship

Joey Veerman Linked with Abroad Transfer as He Prepares for First European Championship

will most likely experience his first European Championship in the coming weeks, but has not yet forgotten his club status. The midfielder has been linked with a transfer abroad.

The content of the midfield at the Dutch team has been discussed several times, as national coach Ronald Koeman has several high-quality players in that line. A combination that could flourish during the European Championship is Frenkie de Jong – Veerman. “Unfortunately, I have never played with him, but I think I can play well with Frenkie,” the PSV player told the Telegraph about the midfielder who has the same first name as his son. “It would be strange to say that it cannot be done together if we have never done it before. There is a way to really see that and that is to position ourselves together. I think good footballers can always play together.”

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Veerman doesn’t know yet what to expect from a major tournament like the European Championship. “Everyone says that you really want to experience such a big tournament, because it is the best thing there is for a football player. It is the first time for me, so I have no idea yet. I just hope to get a lot of minutes. to make.” The midfielder also gives the Orange opportunities. “I think it’s all very close together. There are a number of countries that can become European champions, and I think the Netherlands is one of them. It takes a bit of luck for that, but that applies to every country.”

The question remains whether Veerman will stay with PSV after the European Championship. The 25-year-old midfielder also wants to think about transfers during the tournament. “I don’t think PSV has received anything concrete yet. It’s not that I don’t want to hear anything about it during the European Championship. I’m a very simple person. You can always call me. At eleven o’clock in the evening I’ll take just pick up the phone. I don’t think I get distracted easily in my game.”

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