In France, they enrolled four sheep in a village school to meet the quota for the number of pupils

In France, they enrolled four sheep in a village school to meet the quota for the number of pupils

Three villages belong to the educational establishment in the department of Moselle near Strasbourg. In order to start classes there in September, regulations require 98 students enrolled. However, there were only 94 children enrolled in the five classes, so parents submitted applications on behalf of several sheep. Parents did not skimp on humor when filling out official documents. The four-legged students interested in education were given names associated with nature and agriculture: John Deere (an American brand of agricultural machinery), Marguerite Duprés (Sedmikráska Luční), Valériane Deschamps (Valériane Polní) and Phil Tondu, which is a word play evoking mowed lawn.

“Since our children are counted as sheep, why not bring the absurdity of this logic to an end,” the parents explained their actions. Last week, they actually brought the mentioned sheep to the school for one day. “They are our new friends, so we can continue to go to school here,” said eight-year-old Lola, who enjoyed the presence of the animals.

However, the mayor of Voyer Bertrand Janson condemned the whole event as absurd. According to him, the local school was not closed even in 2021, when only 90 pupils were enrolled. Even the authorities, who ordered the animals to be removed from the schoolyard, had no understanding of the action, and until that happened, the children had to stay in the classrooms.

However, this is not the first time something like this has happened in France. In 2019, farmer Michel Girerd even registered fifteen of his sheep in an Alpine village near Grenoble for the same reason. These new students were then named, for example, Shaun (according to the animated series) or Dolly, which is the name of the sheep that became the first successfully cloned mammal.

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