“I’m an alcoholic, I lost everything and I had to ask for help.” The story of the former Inter

“I’m an alcoholic, I lost everything and I had to ask for help.”  The story of the former Inter

Surprising revelation from the former Inter midfielder Frederick Guarin. The Colombian admitted that he was a victim of alcohol and how it ruined his life. He did so by telling himself in an interview with Semana.com.

Guarin’s revelation

«How am I today? I’m happy, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I live day by day. I really want to be able to live a normal, calm and planned life. Today I am completely at peace and eager to live the life of a normal person, a person who gets up, trains, works, comes home in the evening and rests. I didn’t have a normal life. Nothing bothers me today. I live a life at peace with myself. Even if the footballer doesn’t live a 100% normal life. When I retired from football and especially the way I retired, which wasn’t appropriate, I was left feeling like ‘what do I do now?’ For 20 years my goal has been to dedicate myself to football and that’s what I know how to do. Plus, I didn’t prepare for other things.” Then he continues: «I was left helpless and I made bad decisions. I decided to cling to alcohol, I made bad decisions hurting many people.”


Then he admits with an open heart: «I’m an alcoholic aone hundred percent. I’m an alcoholic and I admit it. I am a recovering addict. I remember what wasn’t done well, what was done poorly. Learning is a great motivator. I was a social alcoholic for several years. While I was active in football, I lived in consumption. From there my behavior started. When I left Millonarios it was the lowest point I reached, because in these last three years I reached the bottom of my addiction.”

Guarin continues his story: «I no longer worked, I had lost my dignity, my inner social circlethe trust of loved ones and the most important thing, my three children. I had to ask for help, I had already done it several times, but I had relapses. I had to surrender and give myself to my higher self, to some professionals I’m working with to be able to fix many things, especially accept myself. I’ve already knocked on the devil’s door and it’s not the best.” He then adds: «I’m really afraid of two things: death and prison. I have a phrase, I wrote it myself: “I am afraid of death and prison and, without knowing it, I was living in a prison condemned to death”».

Guarin reveals: «Zanetti and Cordoba helped me»

«I know who my friends are, the ones who want to see me feel good. It takes time to understand this. I know who was there in my worst moments. Falcao, James, Juan Fernando Quintero, Ospina, Cuadrado, Zanetti, Córdoba were beside me and others who were there steadfast and good in those dark moments. They were available to help me. Others, without saying a word, left. They weren’t friends.”


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