Hadjar claimed his second victory in Imola – F1sport.cz

Hadjar claimed his second victory in Imola – F1sport.cz

Stanek again showed his defensive skills. In the end, however, he lost his position.

After yesterday’s start from fourth place, Staňka lost all chances for a good result due to a collision right at the beginning of the race. Today he could make up for everything with at least a decent portion of points, as he had to start from seventh place for the main race in Imola.

The first starting position today was occupied by the winner of the qualification Bortoleto, next to him stood Bearman, followed by Hadjar and Antonelli. Fifth on the starting grid was Dürksen, the pilot of the otherwise weak Aix Racing stable, who was particularly successful in Friday’s qualifying. Maloney, the leader of the standings, was also standing next. Staněk started seventh, joined by Aron in the fourth row. Colapinto and Cordeel, the winner of yesterday’s race, placed behind them.

After the red lights went out, Bearman immediately took the lead, Hadjar fought his way to second place, Dürksen to third. Bortoleto dropped to fourth place, followed by Antonelli and Maloney. Stanek remained seventh.

In the seventh round, the first pilots went to the pits. From the front it was Hadjar, Dürksen, Maloney and Staněk. The Czech pilot managed to overtake Maloney during the stops. Which the competitor from Barbados probably regretted later…

A lap later, the leader Bearman also headed to the pits, followed by Bortolet and Aron. However, the Prema driver’s engine went out in the pits, the mechanics had great difficulty restarting it, and so the Ferrari junior lost a well-started race.

When the first group of drivers took turns in the pits, the non-building Cordeel, Marti and Correa remained in the lead.

Hadjar led the drivers, who already had the mandatory pit stop, followed by Bortolet, Dürksen, Antonelli, Colapinto, Aron and Staňko.

Maloney started attacking Staňek. But as the Czech pilot already showed in Australia, for example, defending is an activity he is very good at. That’s why Maloney worried and worried behind the rear wing of the Trident. Pilot Carlin also complained about the behavior of the Czech competitor on the radio several times. Meanwhile, a train of other pilots began to jostle behind the pair.

Crawford was particularly impatient, and decided to outmaneuver Maloney and deal with Staňek himself. He actually overtook the pilot from Barbados, but then he also struggled behind Staňek. In the end, however, he overtook the Czech pilot in the 25th lap, and the rear wing of the Trident appeared in front of Maloney again…

Four laps before the finish, the leader Cordeel finally headed to the pits, who had a chance for his first podium in Formula 2. However, his rear wheel flew off when he left the mechanics!

In addition, it almost hit the mechanic Campos, who was changing Marti’s tire. Fortunately, the mechanic was unharmed, but the incident delayed his work and Marti also left without a fixed wheel.

Meanwhile, Maloney finally managed to overtake Staňek and the Czech pilot started to lose one position after another.

Hadjar returned to leading the race without any problems. Although Bortoleto was pushing him badly at the end, the Campos pilot didn’t let that get in front of him.

The French racer thus celebrated his second victory of the season. Bortoleto finished second and Dürksen third, who with this result brought the first ever points for the new AIX Racing stable (former Charouz and PHM).

Staněk was finally classified as eighteenth at the finish line.

The results

P Driver Team Time / loss Lap 1 Isack Hadjar Campos Racing 54:01.509 35 2 Gabriel Bortoleto Invicta Racing 0.569 35 3 Joshua Duerksen PHM AIX Racing 13.736 35 4 AKAntonelli Prema Racing 18.034 35 5 Franco Colapinto MP Motorsport 18.489 35 6 Paul Aron Hitech Pulse- Eight 18,815 35 7 Jak Crawford DAMS Lucas Oil 20,737 35 8 JMCorrea DAMS Lucas Oil 21,240 35 9 Victor Martins ART Grand Prix 28,364 35 10 Richard Verschoor Trident 33,507 35 11 Zane Maloney Rodin Motorsport 34,107 35 12 Dennis Hauger MP Motorsport 34,346 35 13 Zak O’ Sullivan ART Grand Prix 37.657 35 14 Kush Maini Invicta Racing 37.957 35 15 Ritomo Miyata Rodin Motorsport 38.402 35 16 Rafael Villagómez Van Amersfoort Racing 42.357 35 17 Enzo Fittipaldi Van Amersfoort Racing 43.055 35 18 Roman Staněk Trident 43.575 35 19 Oliver Bearman Prema Racing 44.017 35 20 Taylor Barnard PHM AIX Racing 44.786 35 – Amaury Cordeel Hitech Pulse-Eight 30 – Pepe Martí Campos Racing 30
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