From Rivals to Friends: Federer and Nadal Reflect on Their Careers in New Campaign

From Rivals to Friends: Federer and Nadal Reflect on Their Careers in New Campaign

For almost two decades they fought bitter duels on the tennis court. However, the rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer quickly developed into a deep friendship. In a new campaign, the legends look back on their impressive careers – in the middle of the Dolomites.

When Roger Federer played his last match at the Laver Cup a year and a half ago, tears rolled down. Not only with the Swiss, but also with his friend Rafael Nadal. “If Roger leaves the tour, an important part of my life will also go,” said the Spaniard at the time. Federer and Nadal can now be seen together again in a new campaign for the fashion house Louis Vuitton. Star photographer Annie Leibovitz, who has often worked with Federer, took photos of the tennis legends at Lagazuoi.

You can also see Federer and Nadal looking back on their careers and their rivalry in an eight-minute video in the snowstorm. It becomes clear to you: There are two sports legends here who hold each other in high esteem – even if Nadal says with a wink: “When I came on the tour in 2003, you were a little arrogant.” You can watch the entire video in full length above .

Two sports icons

Federer and Nadal dominated tennis with Novak Djokovic from the early 2000s and broke all records. Federer won a total of 103 titles, including 20 Grand Slams. Nadal has triumphed 14 times at the French Open and, with 22 majors, is the second most successful player behind Djokovic (24). The 37-year-old Spaniard, who will retire after this season, won 24 of 40 direct duels with Federer. What is more important to the duo is that they are remembered for their humanity and not their records, as they emphasize in the video.


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