Four dead and several injured in the collapse of a bar on Palma beach

Four dead and several injured in the collapse of a bar on Palma beach

PalmaThe collapse of a bar on the beachfront in Palma, in Mallorca, has caused at least four deaths and around twenty injuries, seven of which are very serious. The incident took place this Thursday around 8.30 pm in a tourist area of ​​Arenal, in a place called Medusa Beach Club, which was occupied by numerous customers, eminently foreigners, and workers. For unknown reasons, the premises have collapsed on the ground floor and the structure has sunk into the basement.

According to some witnesses consulted by the ARA, there could be ten people trapped among the debris, which were on the terrace of the premises. At the moment, however, the cause of the accident is unknown as well as the number of victims, since it is not known how many people were inside the establishment on Carrer Cartago during the collapse.

The area has been cordoned off by local police officers to ensure safety and facilitate rescue operations. In addition to the police, the Fire Brigade and the SAMU 061 have been mobilized to act in the rescue operations and care for the victims. The emergency services have transferred the injured to several hospital centers. Psychologists from the Official College of Psychology in the Balearic Islands (COPIB) have also been activated. The mayor of the Balearic capital, Jaime Martínez, has traveled to the area to closely monitor the intervention of the emergency services.

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