Farewell to the Fans: Varese Basketball Closes Season with Gratitude and Hope

Farewell to the Fans: Varese Basketball Closes Season with Gratitude and Hope

A team that doesn’t win, we love them anyway. At least at Varese, where many passed through the courtyard of the Caffé Broletto for greet the players who wore the Openjobmetis shirt in a not exactly memorable season.

Photo gallery Varese Basketball closes the season with a farewell to the 4 of 9 fans

But also with the rain (often pouring), the thanks to the fans organized by the club took place success although it is difficult to quantify a precise number of those present. Two things are certain: Nico Mannion the most pamperedSean McDermott the one most cited by fans to the question: “Who would you like to keep?” in addition to the Red Mamba, of course.

There is no point in gleaning news from those directly involved: today’s situation is more or less the same as described a few days ago in OUR ARTICLE relating to the existing contracts of the various players. A list from which – our negligence – was missing Librizzi who is treating his left shoulder operated on a month ago, for now with a lot of physiotherapy waiting to get back to working hard. The series of official interviews was opened by Nico Mannion which glosses over – but cannot do otherwise – the future while reiterating a concept already expressed: «In Varese I rediscovered the pleasure of being on the pitch a lot after two difficult years and in just a few months I have experienced many beautiful moments.” Meanwhile he is among the nominations for MVP of the season in Serie A.


In the first part of the evening, before opening to the public, the team met with sponsors and consortium members as well as managers led by Toto Bulgheroni. Who – in the interview given to the press (prodded by the president) – reiterated a concept: “We tried to do our best with the resources available”. There is a recipe to convince new supporters to join Basketball: «Just bring them once to the arena and they will notice the warmth that exists around the team.”

To tell the truth, it also popped up at Broletto an entrepreneur who is investing in sport, the former candidate for mayor of Turin Paolo Damilano, CEO of the Damilano Group which operates in the agri-food sector (the best-known brand is Valmora water). We will see if there will be positive developments from this “contact”.


The entire squad was present with Gabe Brown as showman, Scott Ulaneo particularly popular with the female audience and with Sean McDermott who greeted on behalf of his teammates, underlining the “great energy” guaranteed by the red and white fans on every occasion. As we were saying, any in-depth analysis on a possible stay in Varese is almost useless even if an important player like Davide Moretti – the full interview below – he clearly said wanting to stay here. “I would very much like to stay and continue with this relationship.”


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