Fans Lament the Absence of Marine Johannès from New York Liberty in the WNBA

Fans Lament the Absence of Marine Johannès from New York Liberty in the WNBA

By Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

Because the FFBB does not allow the players of the French team to miss the start of preparation for the Olympic Games, Marine Johannès was not able to extend her adventure with the Liberty in the WNBA. And the least we can say is that fans miss her.

If the United States is only now waking up to the subject of the WNBA, French fans have been following them with particular attention for a year already. Indeed, last season, thanks to Marine Johannès and her exploits with the Liberty, many people were interested, even from afar, to find out how the No. 23 was doing. And she was so fit that even LeBron James paid tribute to her on social media, which is worth all the compliments in the world.

Except that due to the preparation for the Olympic Games, organized two months before the start of the competition by the FFBB, MJ was not able to fly to New York and the start of the new year. She must miss her daily life in the WNBA somewhat, as she misses the Liberty on the court and all the fans. On social networks, opinions are unanimous:

Marine Johannès claimed in WNBA

I look at the Liberty bench and I don’t see anyone capable of coming in and making a difference during the playoffs like Marine Johannès.

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The Liberty won, but I miss the Marine Johannès electric battery. No one has come off the bench with this level of intensity yet!

Marine Johannès is missing from Liberty…

In her role as the 6th woman off the bench, Marine Johannès brought carefreeness and madness to a team that was sometimes too structured. One thing that is visibly missing today, and all the fans are pointing the finger at it. Behind the record of 5 victories and 2 defeats, there is a lot of concern among the followers, particularly due to the absence of number 23…

In a big season in New York, Marine Johannès has made herself indispensable to Liberty fans. Even if the team is running without her with this positive record, her contribution is already lacking for title prospects.

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