Fabio La Malfa Presents New Book: Autism Sport Inclusion – Designing a Better Future Through Sport

Fabio La Malfa Presents New Book: Autism Sport Inclusion – Designing a Better Future Through Sport

Rome, 28 May 2024 – Fabio La Malfa’s new book was presented this afternoon in the CONI Presidential Hall Autism Sport Inclusion, extraordinary stories to design a better future together.

The author – who has already published with Luni Editrice Judo. Overcoming your limits e Simone’s adventure – has collected in this volume the testimonies of athletes, simple practitioners, coaches of people with autism spectrum disorders, but also of parents, to demonstrate that, through sport, true integration and true social inclusion is possible and feasible. The idea of ​​sport for all is the underlying theme of the stories, which range from judo to rugby, from karate to artistic gymnastics. Stories from which all the joy and enthusiasm of playing sport shines through.

The book is also enriched by the interventions of Giovanni Malagò, Luca Pancalli, Domenico Falcone, but also Nicole Maussier, Luca Nicosanti and the writer Susanna Tamaro.

Today’s presentation opened with greetings from Giovanni Malagò, Luca Pancalli and Alessandro Onorato (Councillor for Major Events, Sport, Tourism and Fashion Roma Capitale) and continued with speeches, among others, from Massimiliano Benucci, from the author Fabio La Malfa, by Susanna Tamaro, Maurizio Innocenti (FIR), Roberto Pentrella (FGCI) and Matteo Luteriani (Luni Editrice), with the moderation of the disabled sector training manager Nicole Maussier.

“The book was born from the idea that sport is everyone’s right – said Fabio La Malfa – We have seen that thanks to training many gyms have opened up to having inclusive groups and this book is the testimony of coaches, kids and families who tell how important accessibility is to design a better future together”.

“I thank Fabio very much – said CONI President Malagò – and we are proud to be a vehicle to help with such complex topics. I think that sport, regardless of the values ​​it brings with it, is really important on a cultural, educational, social and value level, especially in the crisis we are experiencing in the institutions of school and family. We replace ourselves through teachers, coaches and technicians who often have an important and responsible role at all levels. And it is the strength of the system, they are within those ASDs which are then the backbone of the Olympic Committee and its federations.

Autism is one of the elements on which we find ourselves on board, and they with us, and sport is the vehicle that gives a great hand in looking at life in a different, more positive way. Thanks to Fabio for this initiative. CONI, especially when talking about these topics, consider it your home.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you – added the President of the Paralympic Committee Pancalli – for this work which I particularly appreciated for the reflections it stimulates. Autism Sport Inclusion in fact, it is not only a precious collection of extraordinary experiences and stories, but also a precious teaching tool to be given to teachers and parents to bring the society in which we live, more and more and better, towards real inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorder . This book serves to reinforce the belief that sport is an inalienable universal right which must be fully included in the fundamental rights of citizenship to give full dignity to each individual without exception. Sport as an instrument of active politics in the territory.”

“We understand diversity and the value of diversity – said FIJLKAM General Secretary Benucci – President Falcone has fully embraced Fabio’s experience and the Federation has understood how martial arts, as told by the testimony of Susanna Tamaro and others, have great potential for these kids and athletes. Susanna talks about those who live in neuronal disorders and in our sports, mirror neurons develop and the ability to learn by imitation is one of the fundamental points of our sports, and also of others naturally. We are talking about judo, but also karate, where for example the European and World Championships are totally unified for senior and disabled athletes. We carry out various projects, including Katautism, also about judo and karate. In short, we have achieved and are achieving important results in terms of inclusion and performance. I congratulate Fabio again for everything he does in this direction.”

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